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Alex Jones

a month ago

This place is nice and quaint... I love the home feeling as you walk in. The smell was amazing, however the cupcakes lacked taste and flavor. I tried the red velvet which was dry and tasteless. It also left a bitter after taste.


Nina Jones

4 months ago

I visited a year ago.. Didnt care for them. Tried them again today.. If only they tasted like they looked.. The strawberry didnt have a hint of strawberry and the honey bun tasted nothing like a honey bun.. Damn things tasted like flour. They are thick and tasteless. Wont be going back. Ever.


Lauren Figurski

2 months ago

I could spend all day here. The cupcakes are awesome. Cute little shop, good location, but I wish there was just a little more parking.


Lindsay Riebel

a month ago

Love this place. Everytime we have people from out of town I make sure to take them here. The cupcake flavors are always great and the cookies are great too. The snickerdoodle cookie with crem cheese icing is amazing


Kenya Iloka

a month ago

My entire experience was horrible. They completely dropped the ball... I would not recommend this to anyone. For starters my cupcakes were dry and no one in my office enjoyed them but thats not why they got one star. I called first thing in the morning to order cupcakes for my CFO birthday and they screwed up every step. First when I entered I was not greeted at all and when I asked for my order it was pushed to me and the lady walked away. Every other cupcake shop they show you what you brought and outline which is which especially when you buy larger quantities. Per the manager they dont do that at all so dont expect nice customer service. So I take the cupcakes even though they clearly dont care about my service( btw Im not a white American) and go back to the office. When I get there I realize I have cupcakes missing and the ones I received half werent right. I called back immediately and was guaranteed my 2 for dozen even asked for my name and number to make it seem real. I asked this respresentativr a series of questions like what documentation I needed, what I needed to tell hem when I got there, and etc. When I call to get my cupcakes they dont answer and dont call back at all, when I finally get someone on they phone, they dont know what Im talking about. I speak to the manager and she is not In the store nor will she return your phone calls, per her employees. So I tell the manager everything and she could care less and give me her ass to kiss. She finally offers me 2 cupcakes, when I was promised 2 dozen. I will NEVER spend another dime in there and I wouldnt recommend you do either. They are better options my favorites is cupcake delirium. They are responsive and make sure you know as a customer you are most important which is key.