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Bri Watts

in the last week

Staff is super friendly here, joke with kids, help them in and out. Saw numerous safety checks. The first aid station is amazing!!! My little one was getting overheated and they had a cooling station setup for them. Very much appreciated. Rides are so fun for little ones.


Simon Treat

in the last week

Cute place. The gift shop though was difficult to navigate from a scooter. If you use a mobility aid, expect a lot of tight spots in the gift shop. Otherwise very nice, aesthetically pleasing. Expect long waits



in the last week

They added a lot of rides but the rides are worse than what you would see at a carnival for kids. For example there's this train ride and it's so terrible. There's no up and down it's just a small oval that the kids ride in. The grass is dying there's no sense of immersion into the ride. Other rides are so small to the point that they're kind of pathetic. It would have been better to just have better rides with fewer than a bunch of crappy rides.


Justin Crowell

a week ago

Great place for the kids to have some fun. All the new theming is a massive upgrade from the former. There's even a playground area for kids of all ages. The playground has two separate areas, one for the younger kids and one for the older ones. The area for the younger kids is gated so you can let them burn off some energy and not worry too much about them. The theming gives the area more of a Disney like feel that really helps the atmosphere.


Joshua Siegel

a month ago

The new camp snoopy is a very nice addition to The Carowinds experience for our children. Very clean and many new rides. They have removed the helicopter ride, gliders, rocket ships and boats.l and relocated the carousel. They have replaced them with a large playground, tea cups, 4wd bouncy Jeep ride, a Jeep drifting ride, a school bus ride a drop (kite eating tree ride) and a nice water feature.