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Fury 325


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Fort Mill

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Evan Demas

a month ago

This is HANDS DOWN the best roller coaster I have been on. It is tall steep and fast throughout. A front seat ride is the best! I got a fast lane and went on it 12 times in a row it was so good. The drop under the bridge is so fun as well. If you go to Carowinds and you do not go on Fury 325 you are far from the Carowinds experience.



a month ago

Amazing view from the top of the main lift. Super smooth ride and really fast throughout the entire ride and these newer roller coasters are built with super smart technology so they will automatically shut off and come to a halt if it detects that something may be going wrong with the ride. Nowadays it's the best time ever to get on a roller coaster cause we have the technology to keep us all safe. I definitely recommend this ride to anybody cause this was a real adrenaline rush for me.


Nicholas Zamboldi

a month ago

AMAZING RIDE!!! If you like roller coasters at all this is a must. Super great pacing, fun drop, comfortable restraints, and fun low-to-the-ground turns. It offers really fun lateral air on the turnaround halfway through the ride. Also there is great air on the hill right after the turnaround.


Eric Bowden

3 weeks ago

I have ridden this coaster hundreds of times. It is still a blast to ride! After a brisk climb up 325 feet, it's a 95mph plunge nearly straight down followed by a winding series of hills where the relentless speed doesn't let up! After passing under the entry way you get a series of zero-G hills that float your bottom up! Keep those arms up!!!


Jun Baxley

3 months ago

This is hands down the best ride at Carowinds. It's so much better if you have a fast pass so you can ride it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Also don't bother with the gift shop at the end it's all overpriced merchandise that you definitely don't need. The ride is very fast and very exciting and it's addicting!!! Keep your phone in your pocket though!!! You don't want it to fall out. The first hill is the best hill because you're waiting in suspense forever and you finally go over and it's the best feeling!!! If you love roller coasters, this is a must ride! So fast and so tall, 5/5 would recommend!!!