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Wesley Heights

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Megan Gray

5 months ago

Should really consider a covered area for customers ordering. I tend to go to the drive thru when its raining, but bc it isnt covered I usually end up drenched as I try to yell over the rain into the speaker. The baristas arent super considerate and often give me the wrong drink. Ex: why does my lavender latte have cinnamon on top? I certainly didnt ask for that.


Grigory Goncharov Vogman

5 months ago

I have been trying to find a good coffee place in Charlotte for a while now and haven't succeeded yet... I had high hopes for this place, but it's just a decent cup of coffee, not more unfortunately. However, the staff is polite and nice and being the drive through is very convenient when you are on the go.


Meek H

3 months ago

The coffee is really good and fresh! The baristas were super nice and they made sure to make my caramel latte they way I like it! I will definitely be back!


Caroline Blake Vernarelli

2 months ago

Coffee is great and the people working are always nice and efficient. Come here every week and the coffee is always good. Highly recommend!


Luke O.

4 years ago

Wow, the ratings don't mislead. The staff was extremely friendly. I parked the car and walked up to the window and the gentleman inside told me all about their roasts and roasters. We also talked a bit about the coffee scene in general. The house blend was delicious, the baked goods fantastic. What an awesome establishment!

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