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in the last week

Amazing food and amazing service! We came as a party of four and we were all delighted by the service we received from our waiter Alex, it was our first time and he guided us through the menu patiently and recommended us Kao Soy and it was perfect! The right amount of spice and it was delicious! However my friends sushi took a long time to arrive but when it did it was great! Definitely a place we will visit again


Bj Neal

2 months ago

What a really good place. You know how you have these quaint little places that you don't know what to expect ? This is just that. It was a nice place with a little industrial decor. It was clean, modern, and very comfortable. But, I have to tell you the food is the focal point. The broth in their noodles was perfect. It had a deep rich flavor. Everything else in the noodle bowl were just accompaniments to that broth. The variety of sushi rolls were amazing! I will definitely be going back frequently. The small places are really where the amazing food is.


Niesha Beckwith

in the last week

Went with a group of coworkers and I am quite unimpressed. The service was TERRIBLE from our waiter. One coworker asked how many wings come in the appetizers. The waiter tells him 8, when the food comes there's only 6 wings. My coworker inquired about his other 2 wings; the waiter responded "oh well." I can't comment on the taste of the food bc I never actually got to eat. After over an hr my food came out incorrect (I ordered the Naturo roll with no eel) so I sent it back and declined a substitute. There were two others in our party who didn't receive their food for almost an hr. Oh, and we were STILL required to pay 20% gratuity due to the size of the party despite the poor service and lack of delivery. I probably won't visit again, but from what I hear the food that did make it to the table was pretty good.


Duane Cress

2 weeks ago

Good food a little pricy though. Quick and friendly service. Convenient to Crown Station right next door Deejai will bring your carry out to you while your enjoying a cocktail.


Nicole Richards

3 months ago

Updated review: the service has improved immensely, and the food continues to be outstanding. This is one of my favorite spots in Charlotte for really good Asian food. I love the food here, but the service has been consistently awful. It takes A LOT for me to rate any business two stars, and Ill happily update my rating when the service improves significantly.