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Anastasia M

8 months ago

El Puro Cuban was an absolute delight! Outside of only having Cuban food in Miami; this was probably the closest I gotten to the island itself. The food was seasoned well and bursting with flavor. Pricing was reasonable for these kind of "finer" dining establishments. Market price of seafood does indeed mean market price. So if you're trying any of those options please considering paying $35 or more on the entree. The tuna tartar was the staple of our whole meal outside of the red snapper! There is one or two vegetarian options but considering this is a Hispanic restaurant; you can't be upset. However, those two options (according to my guest) was delicious. Staff was great, knowledgeable and quick with service. I'm surprised by the location of this establishment but the way the restaurant was design and put together inside and out; makes you feel like you're in another country and not off S Blvd in Charlotte. Overall, I would definitely visit this restaurant and recommend you do too if you're itching to try some Cuban food.


Camille Carter

11 months ago

Couldn't ( properly) pronounce a fair amount of the menu BUT delicious food and warm hospitality is universal. Having a large party allowed me to sample almost the entire menu and everything was exquisite, cocktails included! We sat on stage with the band (Freddie Garcia) and they were phenomenal! Beautiful space, amazing energy and delicious authentic food. A great addition to that area of town. I cannot wait to return!


Jeff Nash

10 months ago

El Puro Cuban Restaurant is an easy fan favorite and understandably why once you experience the food, service, and atmosphere. Once you walk in the doors you're transported to another time and place. The decor is fantastically creative and sets the mood for an authentic Cuban experience. The live music takes the experience over-the-top and is something to truly look forward to. The service is second to none. We had the pleasure of having Sara G service the table. Her attitude, timing, and attention to detail made such a pleasurable experience. We can not express enough how wonderful she was and how well she treated us. Her personability and willingness to provide great service was much appreciated and clearly authentic. Last but not least, the food. So good and authentic. A straightforward food and drink menu allows for the concentration on truly authentic meals and drinks that will want you to come back and try more. A rare gem in the Charlotte area that has perfected the big 3 must haves in restaurant dining.



a year ago

Charlotte needed this place. Authentic, delicious Cuban food. The decor is fantastic with vibrant colors and modern style. We went on a Saturday night. A wonderful band playing while dining??? Yes please !! The tuna tar tar was delicious and enough for two to share. Our waitress was nice and helpful, and brought things out quickly. We are definitely going back!


zerodarkthirty_eone75 LivingTheDream

a year ago

This is place is absolutely amazing! A hidden gem in Charlotte! Excellent drinks and delicious Cuban food. Management does a great job keeping everyone situated even if you show up without reservation. Their bartender has one of the best presentations while making drinks. This is by far one of the best restaurants in Charlotte! Im extremely happy with their service, and their attention to detail. Live and refreshing Hispanic Music. A must go place in Charlotte.

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