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Heather Curatolo

8 months ago

Love Emmy Squared in Charlotte. I just moved from New York City and have been to a few of their locations there. We had the Zia style waffle fries which have pimento cheese, bacon and ranch dressing and we had the Angel pie with Ricotta and mushrooms. The fries were really good, they were very crispy and the sauce was delicious and the pizza was great. I thought the crust was almost perfect and the toppings went really well together. Will definitely go back.



3 months ago

Enjoyed a nice lunch here today. Beautiful interior. We arrived just at opening so it was not crowded. I ordered the Caesar salad (pictured) and it was delish. My partner got the Le Big Matt burger which he enjoyed. I wish we would have tried the pizza as there were several that sounded delicious. Next time! Four stars because the $17 burger did not include a side, so make sure you order fries for the table option.



6 months ago

First time here, actually suggested by my friend. We made a reservation for Thursday, thus didn't have to wait for a seat! I love how spacious this place is, parking was a difficulty but overall i was able to find a spot a street over. Service was great. Food was absolutely amazing. I usually don't eat pizza that often Bc school events always provide pizza so I got tired of it very quickly. But this pizza really hit me, I absolutely loved it. Honey on pizza was really amazing. Also this Detroit style pizza was way better than the regular Style pizza and I want to say even better than Chicago deep dish. We had a party of 5 and 2 slices for each person, the bill was very cheap. Definitely want to come back again with a group of friend.


Earl Medina

2 months ago

I'm honestly one of those people who never thinks to leave reviews, but after today's experience I am more than happy to support this local business. First off - this is absolutely a family-friendly establishment. We walked in and our toddler was immediately offered a dinosaur toy and crayons to draw with. Even so, from my observations it doesn't matter if you have kids or not - you are welcome and treated with the utmost kindness. We were served by Theresa - she was knowledgeable, had great recommendations, and was very responsive. As for the food? Excellent. We ordered two pizzas which were served promptly. The quality of the ingredients was outstanding. The pizza was not greasy and I was pleasantly surprised by the gluten free crust which, to my taste buds, tasted as good and even better than something containing gluten. Having a brother with Celiac, this last part is an absolute plus for me and a reason to keep coming back.


Travis Gordon

2 months ago

Mid afternoon on a hot Sunday in July my wife and I decided to try something different. The latest addition to the crowded food scene in Plaza. The interior is clean, open and well decorated giving off the vibe of an upscale dine in Pizza meal. A place where the food is prepared with higher quality ingredients and that sort of thing takes a few extra minutes. This isn't a churn and burn pizza hut. We ordered the breadsticks which were amazing. They were covered in cheese and pesto and a great marinara sauce for dipping. The pizza was called the colony which was pepperoni, jalapenos with drizzled honey. It went above expectations. Do yourself a favor and try something a little different. Sure glad we did.

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