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Brandon Spleen

3 months ago

Ordered through postmates The sandwich had a torn mustard packet it in and some other plastic. We were missing the sides and the bag and containers the food came in looked dirty.



2 weeks ago

I understand that due to COVID customer service has generally relaxed to a shadow of its former self. Whoever the individual is at the register though shouldnt be. I didnt even see her at first because she was half laying on the counter scrolling on her phone. After a minute or so she looked up and asked me if I had ordered yet. I decided in that moment that I no longer wanted firehouse so I turned and walked out. I didnt really appreciate the condescension from her on the way out the door either. I miss the days where the staff would greet customers with Welcome to firehouse! But I would settle for basic service.


Sheldon Tamilio

a week ago

This is by far the worst Firehouse Ive ever been to! Talk about the hood. I ordered the BLT and the bacon was colder than their fridge. The tomatoes looked like apple slices because they werent ripe yet. To be honest you need to fire every person there. Because they clearly hate their job! I hope that place burns down!!



a month ago

Worst customer service!! We went in and there was 6 or 7 people waiting on their orders. We were second in line,the lady at the register kept talking to the other workers and then it took her 10 minutes to take the order of the people in front of us. All this time and not one order was ready for any of the other customers who had been waiting. When she finally got to us we ordered and then was told they had only wheat bread left. This was at least 3 hours before they close and was also the last straw. We walked out and will NEVER go back!!


Loretta Josey

3 months ago

I was very disappointed with my visit, the staff complained about only having 2 workers when there should have been 4, using profanity, taking their time to push the sandwiches out, there were customers asking if their order was ready. Then to make matters worse that was the sloppeist Italian sub I've ever had and it wasn't good, mayo was every where. The way they felt definitely reflect in the food. Will not go back

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