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Alexa Clark

a month ago

The grits are outstanding. Best Ive ever had. Definitely worth a visit if you are looking for good food, great flavours and healthy options too. Everything cooked in butter (great for the soy-intolerant).


Eric Gillette

3 months ago

The food was great. Service on the other hand left much to be desired. Claudia the waitress forgot 3x to bring us straws for our drinks. When we placed our orders for food, I had some questions and she seemed rushed, like she didn't want to answer my questions or like I was inconveniencing her. When I ordered my first drink, a mimosa, she slid it across the table to me nearly spilling it, and as I mentioned prior, didn't bring a straw or anything.. not even for my water. I just want to point out there were only 4 other tables with people so it's not like the place was so busy she couldn't take her time. She never checked with us either. I had to flag her down all 3x to get straws, and even syrup for the french toast. Other than that the food was phenomenal. The grits were amazing. Just the right amount of butter, and so velvety. The biscuit as incredible. Touch of honey, and a little powdered sugar on top. Eggs were done perfectly, and the French toast was amazing with a raspberry drizzle. Such a nice touch. I saw the other reviews and figured maybe my experience would be different, but it mirrors many of the other reviews: great food, not-so-great service. 4 of 5 stars.


Raquel Williams

3 months ago

The Flying Biscuit has consistently great food and service. I started eating here about 3 years ago and I have seen some of the same faces over and over. This is a rarity in the hospitality industry. There are a few places where you always see the same people but not many. They are not only doing food right, but keeping good employees around as well.


Krista Millington

4 months ago

The biscuit is... different, but good different! The grits are as heavenly as they say they are. Probably the best grits I've had in a while. I would go back just for the grits! The service was good. Everything else was ok....I would say, if you want to go, you can do so to say you have been there, but I have had better breakfast/ brunch at other not so popular places. But they do win with the unique flying biscuit and superb grits!


Rebekah Stephens

3 months ago

Delicious food, good service. Great breakfast/brunch place but their lunch/dinner food is good too. May have to wait but the food is worth it.