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Daniela Brown

3 weeks ago

Delicious ice cream!!! That Salted Oreo ice cream is a dream come true. I dream I didn't know I had. Wish there was more seating at this location. There's only 2 tables with 2 chairs each and a bench. There are some rocking chairs outside, but the sun beats down on them in the afternoon/evening. There's definitely room for a couple more tables and chairs inside. Would deduct half a star for the lack of seating.


Racquel Lewis

in the last week

I do not think you guys eat your ice cream or you would know that something is wrong with it. After eating here for years... I went back last night- and sadly there was so much fat or grease or SOMETHING in the ice cream it stuck to the roof my mouth, on the spoon etc... it was slimy and grainy and greasy it was weird. you can see it in the photo on my finger. I dont know what it is. I thought it was something I ate that was reacting to the ice cream so I saved it until morning but I woke up and ate it and it was the same thing. What is this stuff that makes your ice cream so fatty or greasy? I am so sad right now.


Jesse S

a month ago

Decent ice cream shop with a great and friendly staff! A good variety of flavors. Their ice cream is less creamy than what you would normally find. So it ends up being a bit more icy and less rich than normal ice cream.


Max Tajabadi

2 weeks ago

Loved the ice cream collection there. The scoops are pretty big. I had a kiddie cup and it filled me up but that might not be the case for you. There is also a black board there where you can suggest them your desired flavor. I hope my rosewater+saffron gets picked up one day.


Holden LeCroy

a month ago

Absolutely love this place. Authentic, all-natural artisan ice cream with a variety of flavors which they rotate daily. Definitely would not stick to one flavor at this place. Try a variety of flavors, because there isnt one flavor that is bad. The workers are always friendly, so you will have a great experience no matter what. Go check it out!