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This all-you-can-eat traditional Korean barbeque experience is a $29.99 flat rate per person ($11.99 for kids 4-10). Watch your server cook your food at your table, which features built-in burners. Fun and engaging, this experience is perfect for a group.

Cuisine Type: Korean

Ambience: Casual Dining

Price: $$

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Allen Boliek

a week ago

Wonderful place. We were a group of three. We're convinced our size group was perfect. Larger groups seemed to be struggling to cook food efficiently. The meat was very good and portions perfect for trying a full range of menu items. We feel the cost per person was reasonable but still a bit pricey. If you like meat and great flavors try this restaurant.


Rhonda Sherman

a month ago

Super fun spot and our waitress was so helpful. They do not take reservations and you have a set 2hrs to eat. Meats have to be ordered 3 at a time, which definitely helps with the potential to over order. Banchan is great! I can't wait to go back.


Jossie Rivera

3 weeks ago

Our experince was great! The waiter was friendly and walked us through the process and menu. Sirloin was our favorite meat. The portions were perfect and we got to try 7 different meat types. The plum wine was really good. We also enjoyed the it's all you can eat.



2 months ago

I really like the concept of an all you can eat Korean BBQ, it really works out well as Ive spent way more at other places and this one provides a nice variety of stuff youd be more apprehensive to try if you were paying a la carte. The cuisine is traditional and done perfectly. Our waiter Zach was quick, kind and informative and, one of the best servers Ive ever had. The atmosphere was minimalist and modern, everything was clean and tidy. I love this place and Im definitely going to bring some friends when I come back.


Jacqueline Telljohann-Smothers

3 months ago

As soon as I heard about this place, I couldn't wait to try it. Luckily, it wasn't announced much before they opened, so I didn't have to wait long. I love Seoul Food and Meat Company, so I figured they would do a good job with this as well. Boy was I right. This immediately jumped to be one of my favorite Charlotte restaurants. The food is outstanding. It's all you can eat for $30. There's a 2 hour limit, but we were told it wasn't strictly enforced. If you can eat that much meat for 2 hours straight, I'd be impressed. They have a bunch of pork and beef options and a chicken option. Everything we tried was great. The chicken was probably at the bottom of the list. The non-marinated meats and the beef options were our favorites. The sides were awesome as well. We all loved the dipping sauces too. The service is superb. They have you order 3 meats at a time and they are constantly checking back to see what you want to order next. You cook your own meat on a grill on the table which is awesome. The waiter will help you get started and it's pretty easy. They are helpful with recommendations and bring your uncooked food out almost immediately. You are pretty much never waiting for food. We had heard how busy and popular it was, so we got there 5 minutes before they opened and there was already at least a 10 person line. We were still seated right when they opened, but it was pretty impressive. It seems like they get people through pretty fast. There were only a few people waiting when we left. It may seem a little pricey, but what you get is worth it. I could not recommend this place not more highly. It's a must try on the Charlotte restaurant scene!