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abhinav cv

7 months ago

This has been such a great experience. I got the deal for the 20 classes and did 15 so far. Its feels great at the end of each workout. The trainers are great, so is the location. I definitely have a long way to go but the fact that its challenging makes me want to go back. The pops at the end of a class are something I look forward to


Brittany Furr

9 months ago

I love the staff and I love the overall "vibe" of the gym. It's such a positive and uplifting place to be. It has easily become the highlight of each day I get to attend a class and has helped me get back on track with my fitness and journey to self love. I would describe the classes to be challenging yet relaxing. I came into the gym having never taken a yoga class let alone a HOT yoga class and I left my very first class thinking "wow that was awesome!" and I have been eager to come back ever since. I have already recognized my progress and I can't wait to continue to grow my practice!


Marie Rossignol Davis

4 months ago

Returning to Arrichion for even one class makes me feel like I'm coming home. It doesn't hurt that I was greeted with a hug from Jenna & Clay at the door. So so so love going home to my Arrichion fam and really enjoyed introducing my husband to the Arrichion signature hot studio + MMA Yoga. Such a deep, wonderful practice & workout!!


Kelly Breeney

5 months ago

I go everyday, I love the heat and love the challenge, but I really wish they would mix up the music and the routines


Cinnamon Bietendorf

6 months ago

Girls are very rude.. How do they expect to get new clients like that.. I didnt have to be at work till 5 oclock so I was going to meet my bestie here and we were going to go in and talk about the 20 for 20 thing to see if we wanted to join but since I was rudely told that I had to move my car out of their parking lot while I was waiting for her to get there I decided to just call my bestie and tell her we will have to pick a new place to try.. no biggie.. it would have just been nice this close to work..