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Tati Giraldo

a week ago

My first time trying this place and I was highly disappointed. I ordered from the take out menu the garlic noodles with crunchy garlic and a side of spicy addicting cucumber. Needless to say the garlic flavor in the noodles was extremely overpowering. I understand the dish is supposed to taste like garlic but to the point that every bite had garlic chunks in it, was a bit much. Also, the side order of the spicy cucumbers had a hair in it. Maybe my experience could have been better if I actually went and had dinner inside the restaurant, but I dont think Ill be back.


Mark Coble

a month ago

Magnificent establishment! The food is delicious and fresh. I love the idea of cooking all the meats to perfection myself. Totally interactive for all involved. Virtually impossible to be on your phone or to have a badd time!


Kaelan Boyd

4 weeks ago

In terms of customer service, this place is far from adequate. The place didnt seem as packed as other Asian restaurants on a Saturday night in Charlotte, but for some reason they found a way to make us wait for over half an hour to even get a drink AFTER we were already seated. You could tell they didnt really care how long you waited. This wasnt even my first choice, but they had ONE opportunity to make a good first impression and they ruined it. Im not coming back here. At all.


Yizhou Wang

a month ago

The meats are so juicy and delicious. I don't trust their cooking instructions. You can easily burn your thin sliced meat if you follow their recommended cooking time.


Jonathan Stuckey

3 months ago

We have eaten here several times and the food, as well as the service, has been five stars every time. Although they are frequently very busy, the staff is always very attentive and friendly. The food is consistent and a very good value, one of my favorite weekend spots, especially in their price range. Favorite dish was definitely the Hirami short rib.