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David Johnson

a week ago

The host DAVID was the BEST! I used to wait tables a long time ago and that experience has always made me respect the service industry. I was at Morton's not as a patron but as a AV assistance for a meeting being hosted there. Upon my arrival, David made sure I had everything I needed (even though he wasn't techie). Once I had everything setup for the meeting I asked David if there was a place I could sit and chill while the meeting was going on. David was going to sit me at the bar area but actually asked if I'd prefer to be "out of the way". I actually wanted just that and he set me up in the vacant loft area of the restaurant. He treated me just like a guest that was there to dine. So I ended up ordering food that he suggested (The Shrimp Alexander GREAT). I wish I had more to say about the restaurant itself but really DAVID made the entire experience for me. I love good service and think that it is a lost art. The food I had was great but the experience I had was greater. Thank you Morton's for keeping the art of SERVICE alive. It's make the fine dining experience truly an experience!


chris corton

in the last week

Romantic restaurant and high end quality. The service was perfect and world class. I flew in from Australia the previous day to take my love for our first date. The restaurant was perfect. We will remember our meal together here forever.


shenine jones

a month ago

I've been to Morton's in the past and had an enjoyable evening however last weekend will have to be my last time dining there. We had reservations my husband and I along with with another couple. We were seated and enjoying ourselves when the Manger came over and asked my husband to remove his hat. The question was asked why because there at least five other men in sight that had on a hat, however he was told we're asking them too (no one else was asked or removed their hat). Next a well done steak was ordered but an almost rare steak is what was received, the waiter did remove $20 for the steak from the bill and offered a complimentary cheesecake (uh yeah). Finally which is what made me post, the next day I was advised by the other couple that morton's called them the next day asking were they sure they paid and could they advise if we paid by phone. I was done after that. We not only felt targeted while spending money on this establishment but later insulted by the phone call regarding payment. Morton's needs to do better.


Malik Shakir

a month ago

I truly enjoyed the experience here. I called earlier in the week and spoke with Beth and she was very helpful and kind. I arrived earlier with flowers for my dinner companion on the day of my dinner and met George. He was extremely courteous and took the flowers to have set on my table at the appropriate time. This place did not disappoint at all. From the kindness and respect of the entire staff, to the opulence of the atmosphere, this was an wholesome experience. Thank you very much for a special night.



2 months ago

It was our anniversary and we enjoyed the experience. Our server was awesome and on top of things. We had a minor issue when we first sat down and he fixed it right away. The food was delicious and well worth what we paid.

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