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Ryan Rankine

in the last week

The smoked chicken is decent but chicken tenders needed something extra. The honey mustard sauce is amazing! It's more mustard/horse radish than honey, which made it great. The deviled eggs were okay. The sides were pretty good. I highly recommend the sweet potato dumplings! By far the best thing there. I could eat those all day! Beware if you're going for "cocktails"... $14 cocktails, I had the Best Life which was very sour then loaded with salt, which i couldn't finish. Served in a small glass, it should have been priced lower. Bring your own straw if you hate paper straws.


Brandon D

a month ago

Delicious food here. Everything I tried was perfect. The fried chicken had a great crispy breading, and it was nice and moist on the inside, not greasy at all. The fired chicken skin Mac and cheese was good as well. Nice and cheesy and a good kick of heat with the hot sauce in it. And the chicken skins were a great addition too. Only complaint was that I wish they were more crispy. The tater tots were great as well- super crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside. The biscuits and sweet tea butter were a great recommendation by my waitress. They went together perfectly. Jackie, my waitress was great. She knew the menu very well and made my experience an awesome one. Overall a five star experience!


Joe V

4 weeks ago

Very hip place! Although a small menu, it was very tasty. We sat at the bar and the service was great. There were more options for drinks than food and both drinks my girlfriend and I ordered were very tasty. I thoroughly enjoyed the laid back atmosphere, decor,and the great food. We will be back!


Kennedys Kids

a week ago

The place opens for the evening. It has a nice vibe inside and a good looking bar. The people were friendly, but I felt my waitress wasn't as attentive as should have been. I ordered a cocktail, kale salad, sweet potato dumplings, and the fried chicken. The cocktail was not great. Tasted more like a ginger ale spiked punch, so I was a bit disappointed. The fried chicken was crunchy and tasty, and hot sauce was the perfect addition. The sweet potato dumplings are ok, but maybe it was because they weren't hot when they arrived. My absolute favorite was the kale salad! I could have had a large plate of it! So delicious!


Michael Eby

2 weeks ago

I want to start by saying I'm not a complainer. If you look at my numerous other reviews, you'll see I rarely give less than 4 or 5 stars to restaurants. Having worked many years in restaurants, I know how difficult the industry can be in larger cities. With Haberdish, I feel it's not bad, but not great. I would agree with their website that their fare is Southern-inspired. However, their brunch entree options were extremely limited and almost everything they offer is fried. Being a more health-conscious group, many of us found our meals to be too heavy. I realize Southern cooking doesn't have a healthy reputation but this establishment offers a modern twist on it and, being married to a Southerner, I also know good Southern food doesn't always need to be fried. Further, the environment and dishes suggest a modern take on Southern comfort food but the hodgepodge of ingredients in many of their offerings seemed unnecessarily complicated. The restaurant's name added to this impression; a traditional haberdashery had nothing to do with food so, while I recognize the cute play on words, the whole concept comes across a little pretentious. During our visit, the service was average. We didn't experience any rudeness but we had to ask for tableware, cups for water, and I had a drink spilled on me. We also ordered biscuits which came out with no condiments. When we asked if they had any type of jelly/jam, we were only offered their sweet tea butter. It was tasty but I now see a wide assortment of options for their "Biscuits with Fixings", including a jam option. My husband also asked for a slice of fresh tomato with his brunch, something not unfamiliar to Southerners. To our surprise, this was not an option, either. I don't think anyone in our large group disliked their meals. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we didn't have to wait too long for our food on a busy Sunday. Again... not bad, not great. Many of us commented it was okay but, with so many other options in Charlotte, we probably wouldn't be back anytime soon.