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Chiquita Grove

3 weeks ago

Great ambiance. Great atmosphere. Me and my husband went to watch the games. They had every football game on. I love that they have bar top tables to sit in the actual bar area. They have a beautiful patio. Friendly, food was good. Service was great!!


Felicia Rodgers

2 weeks ago

Me and my family came to celebrate a birthday and the food was HORRIBLE. My bill was 71 and some change and it wasn't worth one cent. The nachos tasted like they just threw cheese and pieces of chicken ( barely edible) on the nachos and put them in the microwave. The salmon wasn't even hot, the grilled chicken with the melted cheese and onions was blend. Hickory Tavern, y'all gotta do better...


justin strenth

10 months ago

Everything was great , I always order hot wings, all flats and extra extra crispy every restaurant I eat at since its my FAV. If fulfilled correctly... The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because the wings were not extra crispy :( unfortunately I was eating with my boss and def. didn't have time to wait for another corrected order... Other than that, waitress was great, everything was clean and I always love the atmosphere. :)


Amber Todd

8 months ago

I was so impressed with my first visit to this establishment. I wanted a Philly with banana peppers but they don't have banana peppers. The manager went and bought some so that they could make my sandwich. So cool. Great service.


Michelle Crowder

9 months ago

My husband and I have frequented this place for years and never had an issue that wasnt resolved quickly. However, tonight was a totally different experience. A good friend of ours invited us to hear his band play. We reserved seats and all was well when we arrived except there was an altercation taking place between the manager, Matt, and another customer. Matt threatened to call the police on him. He seemed to be under stress and was taking it out on his customers. The night went on and a few friend of ours joined us at our table. He told them they couldnt sit there and began yelling at us. My husband was trying to explain the table situation and Matt came around and told him to leave the premises! What?! We were getting kicked out? Are you kidding me? Last week, this same manager was throwing Jell-O shots and engaging in drinking with his customers on the floor and this week he was throwing his authority without considering his customers at all. I am appalled at his behavior and will not be back until he is gone. Im sorry Tara, Lisa, Abby, Hailey, Brooke and Caroline. We love yall and you are some of the best servers in town!!

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