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Sunita Murthy

in the last week

We were looking for a place to grab a quick drink. Came in here at 10:30, they close at 11. We cut it really close, I know. John, the bartender was the sweetest and nicest. He made our drinks amazing. He didn't rush us at all. Made small talk with us. This was our first time here and we definitely will come back because of the nice people and friendly staff.


Robert Newton

2 months ago

Service is atrocious. Last Tuesday The Teen Queens at the host desk promptly seated us and then the fun started. After 15 minutes without a server coming to the table, made a trip back to the Teen Queens host desk where they were enjoying a game of cards and checking their phones. Asked about a server, to which Teen Queen #1 asked do you have menus on your table, to which I responded of course we do, you put them there when you seated us. She scratched her head, walked around the dining room, talked to two servers, told us someone would be right with us and then returned to her card game. After another 10 minutes, we just got up and left. On the way out the door, the Teen Queens thanked us for coming in. Guess I could have been a Karen and asked for a manager, but then again a good manager would have been on the floor managing. Seriously need to get some decent people to manage this place. Update.. Regional Manager Nicole did reach out and ask for feedback. She even offered to meet me at the location to ensure my next visit is enjoyable. May take her up on the offer, but going to give it some time for her to correct the issues. At least someone there is trying to be customer focused.


Lxz Aero

3 months ago

The hosts were amazing! These queens greeted me and my family as soon as we walked in the door and let us choose where we would like to sit. The server at our table did not miss a single thing as we ordered a lot of meals and appetizers. After being seated close to the hosts and watched the restaurant while waiting on our food, the place was lively! All the servers and hosts seemed to be doing their job to a tee as they moved and worked with efficiency. Not to mention the food! These cooks need a raise because this food was absolutely amazing and these hosts made sure to tell my family and I to have a great nice which put a smile on all of our places. Definitely recommend coming here because we will be back!


Carol Kohman

a year ago

Love this place. Food is good and services is excellent.


Marcello Mel

a year ago

Good food, Very Good service.

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