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Andy Ciordia

a month ago

Rockstore BBQ is a great BBQ house. Good prices, good servings, good people. And now that it's summertime the annual ice cream truck is back. Now all their ice creams I've had are good but if you really want to slide back into a hammock and feel the day go by, get a banana pudding milk shake. Thank me later by buying me another, please, and thank you. :D


Colleen Morgan

3 weeks ago

Extremely fast place to eat with good food. My kids loved the pulled pork and mac n cheese. I had the potato salad and pulled pork and pulled chicken. My husband had the ribs and baked beans, the baked beans werent his favorite. We will be back


Sebastian Castells

2 weeks ago

Took the family here for lunch on a Tuesday. The food and ambience are just awesome. They have a lil ice cream truck in back for the kids and they can paint rocks. Absolutely loved this place! I definitely recommend it if you want good BBQ and have the kiddos.


David Coleman

a year ago

Update 12/1/2020: due to covid our Thanksgiving got cancelled and we had to fend for ourselves. We ordered Turkey, Ham, Gravy, green bean casserole, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce and picked up on Thanksgiving day. Food was great and the convenience of it was what we needed. People are as good as the food. Great people. Went out of their way to help me with ordering. Green bean casserole was better than mom's. Mac and cheese was cheesey like we all want and don't need. Potato salad gives most family reunions a run for their money. BBQ is good too. I didn't see if they had hash but that's the one thing I want next.


David Thomas

a month ago

This place has a few benches inside and out for seating. The pork BBQ was chopped but good. I tried both their vinegar and "normal" base sauces both were good. The brisket was also chopped and not as good. It was served on a metal tray. The sides were stored already in styrofoam cups and kept in a warmer which made the green bean casserole soggy. It would probably be a better place to just order a pound or two of pork BBQ to go. I did try the ice cream from the vending truck in the back. Two scoops is their smallest size. I ordered mine on a cone. The cone was way too small for the ice cream but it tasted good.

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