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Jeremy L

4 weeks ago

This is my go-to location for cookies. Even when the stock is limited, I can always find a flavor I like. They're so delicious, I can't stay away. My wife and I visited recently for the Teacher Appreciation Week promotion (thanks so much for doing this!) and Kimberly was an excellent help. She was very personable and took great care of this teacher. We'll definitely be back for all our cookie needs.


Jack Spencer

2 months ago

This is, without a doubt, the worst insomnia I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with. My past 10 orders with them had mistakes ranging from vexing to incomprehensible. The last one was point break. After waiting an hour and a half for my order, I called the store for an update, and they proceeded to tell me that they were out of cookies. How do you run out of cookies? I placed this order at 8 PM. Honestly, I had to pinch myself because I couldnt believe that it was real. At a certain point, I have to blame myself for continuing to come back to these clowns. I dont blame the people in the store, I blame the slack jawed troglodytes managing this aberration of a cookie chain. Someone has to stop this. For the love of god. Sadly, he has forsaken this store.


Jacob Miller

a week ago

Only reason they get two stars is they did promptly call when my first order was full of cookies they no longer sell/were out of. Placed an order online and was told they didn't have certain things anymore and were out of some, no big deal. Placed a new order for 12 cookies for $22 and got 12 barely cooked warm pieces of cookie dough and they were even the wrong flavors. Not worth the money or time it takes to get delivered.


cynthia mcbeth

2 weeks ago

1st time and the person in charge was very cheerful and was giving his employees their kudos for having done a good job. Glad I was able to witness it. Cookies are awesome. Love the name.


Aradia Ryuu

a week ago

0 stars is more like it. This is a review just based on experience. Maybe going during the day would be better. Considering the place closes at 1 am we were there at 11pm. With no communication a clerk rudely locked me and my friend out. We had to hear from a customer that was leaving that they weren't taking any more customers due to a lack of GrubHub orders. Which I'm not sure what that had to do with locking the door on physical customers. Hopefully they hire better employees because even the customer who was leaving decided it best he not come back there. I wish I'd had a better experience, because this is what's going to come to mind if I see another insomnia cookie.

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