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Jason's Deli - University


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University City

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Stefanie Ion

a week ago

I wanted to add a scoop of chicken salad to my salad bar for $1.80.. the kid tried to ring me up for a chicken breast and then a chicken salad sandwich on top of the salad bar. It got frustrating enough that I had to walk away and let my husband finish the transaction. It ended up taking 3 employees to figure out what he meant and to ring him up a $4 bowl of chicken salad. As much as I love being overcharged, I wish the staff was fully trained so I wouldn't have to be.


Ronnie Willis

2 months ago

I eat here a few times per month. Everything I've tried has been very good. Menu is updated regularly with fresh innovative soups, sandwiches, potatoes and pasta. Salad bar has a good selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats. Mini muffins on the salad bar are fantastic. Free soft serve ice cream for all!


Carla Adams

a month ago

I used to visit Jason's Deli no less than once a week, but I've had to find new lunch and dinner establishments because the staff seems a lot less interested in the customers dining experience than ever before. I just spent 15 minutes (as my food got cold), discussing my desire to purchase an additional chicken pot-pie pastry. The 1st level manager told me "I am sorry, you cant get it unless you order an additional pot-pie because the pastry can not be purchased individually." I then asked for a manager, to which she stated, "I AM the manager." I couldn't believe that any establishment would leave the store in her hands and asked if there was ANYONE else that I could speak with. She then left and returned with another manager who told the simple-minded, 1st level manager to just give me the pastry. Geez... What a way to waste time. What is happening here???


Heaven Roberts

2 weeks ago

Did not know they had this awesome salad bar!!! It was really good. Not sure about the subs yet tho but Definately making this my go to spot. :)


Katarzyna Betkowska

in the last week

I wish there's soups mourned over cooked and so salty plus they're kind of expensive