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Jennifer Peet

a month ago

Visited last night with my husband for the 3rd time & they did not disappoint! We waited about 20 minutes by choice for our favorite waiter, Tom. He is an absolute joy! Amazing service from him every time we've been there! We've had a variety of menu items throughout our past visits and they are all wonderful. My husband had the ribs last night and they were super tender and delicious. The Shrimp Alfredo was amazing as well. This has become our favorite go to place and we will definitely be back! If you've never been you are definitely missing out!!


Rachael Armstrong

2 weeks ago

I've been wanting to try this place for a while. Talked it up with my friends and everyone - and it's local, right down the road from my house. I went there with a date this evening and was so uncomfortable. We walked in and there was a hostess stand but no staff member attending it. We stood there for a couple moments, looking around, waiting for someone to arrive. It was about 7:30-8:00 PM on a Tuesday night. We peeked around the hostess stand and were met by what I assume is a server who curtly asked, "Can I help you?" (Umm. Yes.) I immediately felt like we had been doing something wrong, just from the rude approach. So off-putting! We asked if we had to seat ourselves and we never got a straight answer before my date asked, "Isn't there a bar here?" We were told, "Down the aisle and to the left." No one walked us, welcomed us, or took any time to direct us to or within the bar area. We made our way there. Once there, we were met with more salty attitudes from staff. We stood there, unsure of which high top tables were free/sharable and which required a server. A server appeared and told us the 4 top closest to the bar was not a bar table but if we wanted it, we could walk BACK to the hostess stand, ask for it and be seated. We looked around and FINALLY, some nice guy at a long, sharable looking table offers his unused end of the table to us. At that point, a server arrived with water and sneered at my date when he asked if there were drink specials. I grabbed the food menu so I could see if we accidentally stumbled into a high end establishment. We hadn't. I then decided I would rather go to Kristopher's, around the corner and spend our money there. But before we did, we had to encounter a young girl at the hostess stand (finally, the hostess stand is staffed!) aggressively rubbing her nose with her fist. Her eyes were literally closed so I made sure to wish her a cheery goodnight and I think I startled her. The staff at Jekyll and Hyde tonight were an absolute embarrassment to the service industry. I understand the annoyance of having an unexpected table as a former server - but we were never offered a seat. We were not met at the door or greeted and the server very clearly took her frustration out on the customer. It was the most uncomfortable I've been in a restaurant in a while.


Raw Review

2 months ago

Nice inside and out! If you can get outside they do have a place to sit and be around the fire that's cool to do with family and friends, The food and drinks are good also.......back here again on the 12/2 and my food was not right but the server was great and they still charged me full price for something I didn't eat... don't know if I will be back here again..... Taking my rating from 5 to a 3!! Yes yall did taken off after I had paid for it anyway.... But then we had to ask the manager to get it taken off something any customer should not have to ask to have it done that should have been correct it once the manager knew which he already did know....


Cameron H

a month ago

Food was good and reasonably priced. Felt a bit more of fine food with nice presentation. Chips were subpar and the Salmon was not too much food for a tavern. Waiters we're very nice and the place was clean and seasonal. Overall a good night out if you're aware of the prices.


Ben Dulken

a month ago

Fantastic restaurant with a beautiful bar off to the side that has a bountiful beer selection! Behind the bar sits an oversized garage door that they open and close when weather permits. Very friendly staff and first-rate service. Must try the nachos, they are sensational!