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Garrett Smith

a month ago

My girlfriend and I came here on a busy Friday night during the peak dinner rush. I have to say that we saw every single team member doing an outstanding job. Our server, Tommy, took excellent care of us the entire time. He may have been the best, most efficient server I have ever had. All our orders were served very quickly. Our drinks were great and our food was great. This has quickly become my new favorite restaurant and we will most certainly be coming back to try the rest of the menu! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone and everyone.


Adam Brooks

a month ago

I recently visited for dinner with someone who had a great lunch experience here. We were both disappointed. While the wait staff was responsive, the food was sub-par and lacked attention to detail. Though I may try this place again for cocktails, I am not inclined to return for dinner. The fried pickle batter was super super salty. Fried pickles are supposed to be salty, but this was nearly inedible. We sent it back. I ordered the "Hyde's Old Fashioned" (Woodford Reserve, Fresh Blackberries & Blueberries, Orange Bitters, & Garnished with blueberries and an Orange Rind). If you like a classic Old Fashioned, don't bother with this as it lacks the bitter-sweet contrast of the cherry and falls flat. I blame myself for this decision, not necessarily the bar. The shepherd's pie entree was recommended to me yet was served lukewarm and the tops were not browned. It was sent back for warming, but still not browned. It was flavorful, but the lack of attentiveness is not worth what we paid. Again, the server did a fine enough job, but if one item much less two items are sent back, you'd expect the Manager to check on the guests and yet there was no follow-up. The whole experience screamed of missed opportunity and mediocrity. Honestly, I really hope the owners read this and take action.


brian anderson

a week ago

Service is great. Staff makes it a point to introduce themselves. Food is cooked to exact way you ask. Its clean and I highly recommend. Great environment.


Alberto McNeill

a month ago

Have heard good things about this place so was looking forward to having a meal here. I was very disappointed to say the least. The waitress did a good job of getting our order and checking in on us. The beer selection was great. The food is very disappointing. Shepards Pie Is their specialty and was recommended by the waitress. That is probably the least flavorful Sheperds Pie I have ever had. It was very watery and lacked any flavor at all. The same goes for the balsamic chicken sandwich my wife had. She had to request more balsamic on the side to help flavor it up. What a shame! $80 bucks for 4 and we walked away so disappointed. Never again.


Andrew Ramirez

a month ago

Here's my gripe for this place: the place doesn't feel welcoming. When we first visited here we stood visibly where the menus are held, we weren't sure to just go in and sit down or wait till they attend us. Well, there was a waitress sitting down folding some stuff and she clearly saw us but didn't say anything and just turned away. It wasnt until we made eye contact with another waitress that we finally received acknowledgement. I mean how would that make you feel? Certainly not welcomed. The food was alright it wasn't bad but it wasn't the greatest for the price in all honesty. We tried to go there again and the grill was turned off and they only served fried food, so we left. I doubt I'll be back here again. It just isn't the place to go if you want to be in a welcoming environment and enjoy your meal.