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in the last week

The potential is definitely there! I got the Milkiest Chocolate ice cream flavor with a waffle cone and the price was about $7.90. The ice cream itself had really good flavor and the texture was similar to soft serve. It wasnt too cold but also not too sweet, which is my ideal cold treat. The price is probably worth it as it was better than store brand ice creams. The waffle cone on the other hand was questionable in flavor and honestly brought down the experience for me. It tasted like burnt butter and had an overwhelming combination flavor of too salty and too sweet. I feel like it was either over cooked or the batter was a bad batch. Overall, I would go again for the ice cream alone and not the waffle cone.


Cloud Berries

3 weeks ago

Wow those waffle cones alone: I could eat seven of them! Was told to try this place by multiple people and it did not disappoint. Had the Pineapple Upside Down Cake Ice Cream, and it tasted amazing! My bf had the Honey Vanilla Ice Cream which was also delicious! Definitely recommend!


Towanda Gaston

a month ago

First time trying Jeni's and hands down it is the best ice cream I have ever tasted. The flavor profile is amazing. The ice cream is super creamy and delicious. The atmosphere is chill and the staff are very friendly. This is definitely my new favorite spot.


Marissa Wharton

a month ago

Jeni's never disappoints! On par with the other locations I've been to the ice cream was great (they had multiple dairy free options which is what I got - you can't even tell, the consistency is phenomenal), the staff was friendly, and the line moves quickly. They had some great outdoor seating as well.


Raschelle Nail

2 months ago

The hype is 100% worth it! I didn't realize Jeni's had retail locations, I have only watched the brand explode on social media. I was so excited to try the flavors, and man! They did not disappoint. I didn't know this until after I had made my selections, but they have an impressive number of dairy free options that are incredibly creamy (I know this because I accidentally got one). This location was clean, the staff was friendly, and the ordering process was super easy to understand. I LOVE that I could get three flavors but not kill myself with ice cream. Their trio is about 1.5 full scoops IMO. Definitely stop here while in Southend!

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