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Shionda Farrell

a month ago

Brown bag seafood is a Fast casual seafood spot , think shrimp ,salads, salmon bowls, lobster rolls & more . Originally started in Chicago with now locations here in Charlotte & Atlanta . Im a seafood lover so Im loving this whole fast casual seafood concept. The lobster roll stole my heart ! Its pretty safe to say when Im feeling like a quick seafood dash Im sprinting right on over to brown bag Seafood . They also have another location in huntersville and soon uptown .


Lalit Narayan Mishra

2 weeks ago

Brown Bag Seafood is a new restaurant opened up in Southend. Their order placing style resembled Which With where you need to pick up a menu, circle on the choices. They have a lot of choices available starting from portion, protein, seasoning, type of wrap etc. I tried Grilled Shrimp Sandwich with potato tots. The shrimps were grilled just perfect. Portion was good for one person. They made potato tots were too dry. But tasted good with ranch. They do serve as well. Definitely a nice try if you're looking for Seafood at Southend.


Darnyl Allen

2 months ago

My best friend came up from Atlanta. My wife found Brown Bag Seafood for all 3 of us to go have dinner when he arrived. From the moment we walked into the door, the energy from the staff, the bright and inviting atmosphere, put us all in a good place. Now, all of that is good, but the BIG thing for me is the food. I go to a restaurant for the food not for the color of the walls. The food was easy to order, came out to us timely...and it was very very good! We will be back.


H Smith

in the last week

Great customer service, and the restaurant was super clean. I was only disappointed because I was expecting highly flavorful food. Food wasn't horrible and was edible, just not packed with enough flavor for me.


Tee Wisniewski

2 months ago

Vibe and decor are great, staff is friendly! The food however is overpriced and definitely nothing to come back for. I got their $18 CLT special sandwich, dripping with grease and a bland flavor. My stomach hurt for the remainder of the day and I was on the porcelain throne all afternoon, doubled over. Not even Taco Bell hurt me this much

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