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Maria's is a family-owned and operated restaurant offering authentic and fresh Mexican food. Their menu features all of your Mexican favorites as well as Vegetarian and Vegan options. We suggest their QuesaBirrias—a taco/quesadilla hybrid filled with cheese and tender Mexican stew meat you dip in savory broth.

Cuisine Type: Mexican

Ambience: Casual Dining

Price: $$

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Taiwan Brown

a week ago

This place has very tasty Birria Tacos! I also believe it was great value. Maria's is an intimate Mexican restaurant. They make great use of the small space, still distanced enough I felt fine dining inside. Upon entering, a table was cleaned for me and my friend right away, and we were seated. A gentleman quickly brought us chips and salsa and took our drink order. The restaurant was at half capacity and our server came over right away. I appreciate the parking they had behind the restaurant.


James Hayes

a month ago

It is what it appears to be. Good Mexican food, authentic and well prepared. The service is genuine and 5 out of 5. It's family oriented and family run. There is a a full vegetarian menu that is interesting and tasty. This is good news for the 13% of the population that is vegetarian and for the rest of the population that wants to have dinner with vegetarians/


Tiffany Lloyd

3 months ago

TERRIBLE SERVICE. Are used to Maria's online platform to order food. There is actually an order online but in right on their website. I ordered my food, got a speedy confirmation letting me know that the food will be delivered at 7:10 PM. When 7:20 rolls around and I call Maria's to follow up on the order. At that time I am informed that the order is canceled. I ask "why"? especially since I already paid. The worker tells me that when the driver pulled up to pick up the food she sent them away because she did not know that my order was the one the driver was supposed to be picking up. How is that possible when I ordered through their website using the online platform they provided? Why didn't she have the driver confirm my name or order? If the delivery is embedded into the website, surely they must notify the restaurant of which order to make. I have been stranded in Charlotte for the last two days because my flights keep being canceled, this was the last thing i needed. If you have a choice...go somewhere else. Aztec is not far from Maria's It has a much wider selection of food.


Javier Cardoso

3 months ago

Overall, very impressed. Despite being full to capacity it was a quick wait time. Cozy ambiance. The WINNER however, was the FOOD. Wow! Everything we bought was delicious. Highly recommend the "bidias tacos"- we bought the pizza. The service was also great. Elayne was our server and she was very sweet. We will be back again.


Corine Shabrel Hoyt

9 months ago

All I can say is this is one of best Mexican Restaurants in Charlotte. This place is a jewel and has the best enchiladas hands down. I cannot say enough about this spot. Please visit if you want some good food.

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