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Susan Rose

4 weeks ago

No hello when coming in and actually the girls behind the counter didn't notice I was standing there cuz they was chatting away, I actually had to call out and say hello I'm here may I have my pizza.. the pizza wasn't a thin crust like I ordered. Not bad but I will not purchase from here again.


Andrew Siniarski

a year ago

If you like New York style pizza, and sontind paying $3.00 a slice, Brooklyn Pizza Parlor is for you. I found the menu to be a bit pricey. The food was good, for sure. And the staff made sure that our table was well cared for.


Jason Carey

2 months ago

Meatza and white pizza are the #1 seeds. Very solid pizza, and when it's not a pandemic the service is quite good. Very much a family feel. Small town vibe with a good product.


Elixir Blab

7 months ago

As a born, and raised Brooklyn native. This is the best Brooklyn style pizza in the south I've ever tasted!! Hands down!! The waitresses are gorgeous and the pizza is beautifully made!! The interior makes me feel like I'm back in my old neighborhood! I'm taking extra hours at work this week so I can treat all my friends to this pizza on the weekend!


Dan Ward

2 months ago

It was good. The social distancing was good. I was a little underwhelmed by the crust. My group had pizza slices and a cazone. All had very meh crust. Dough seemed like it had been cooked naked in advance and reheated with toppings inserted. Toppings were good tho. No shortage of ingredients in the calzone!