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Joanna Richardson

4 weeks ago

My daughter asked to start with the potato skins. They were decent. I was happy that they didn't have bacon on them because I don't eat beef or pork. We had both eaten a potato skin when our food came out. I had Chicken Nachos. I was very disappointed by the flavor. They were very bland. The chicken tasted like it had not been seasoned and definitely didn't have a smoked flavor. My daughter had a fried chicken sandwich. She said it was delicious; she even mentioned it the next day. We both had tea. I always get half sweetened and half unsweetened; it was really weak and my daughter said hers was too. I tried to change to hot tea because I was cold but it wasn't available. This was my third or fourth time eating there and I will definitely go back. Staff was friendly and our Waitress was very attentive


Angela Krog

a month ago

We heard this was the place to come for BBQ, we're from Texas and had some pretty high standards to say the least. McKoy's did not disappoint. We got the large plate with ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket and chicken with 2 sides and shared it. Then finished it off with some peanut butter pie. Absolutely wonderful. Great atmosphere, excellent and fast service and the food was delicious. Definitely recommend this place!


Jesse Anderson

3 weeks ago

Amazing place! Food was outstanding! Service was second to none! I am going to have to make this my new favorite place. The atmosphere was exceptional too! Can't say enough about this place. We got the LTD. Probably all the best items in one meal. It was large enough for my wife and I to eat and be full. The sides were so good too. Best ever BBQ place!


James Hong

6 months ago

Very tasty BBQ! Tried this place as my go to Sonny's is now closed. Nice selection of menu items, great sides, good portions. Service was great as well. Good food, good value, what more could you ask for?


Greg Stanforth

4 weeks ago

We had the half BBQ chicken and the bones just fell out! I haven't had chicken that good since Jay Dee's in KY. Now, I did miss the hickory wood flavor from KY over the Pecan wood used here at McKoy's. The baked macaroni and cheese was excellent... Very close to the way my grandmother would make it :-)

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