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Joseph K.

a month ago

Updated 6.23.2022 It is a different kind of pizza that I think you will love. It is the crust that makes this pizza with the fresh ingredients. Alas, that is where my good review ends. The service on almost all occasions was so so even after my initial review. Either the food is wrong/missing or the wait for food takes quite a bit. There was even confusion on what was on their lunch special that's physically a menu item. I'd like to place the wait on getting a fresh pizza from scratch, but an hour? Better yet.. a salad gone missing? I didn't even bother to ask for the chips I asked for with my sandwich. I don't know.. The food is good and that's what makes the place popular.


Travis Gidley

2 weeks ago

Actually visited twice in two days. First visit I had wonderful service and the food was excellent. Second visit, same wonderful food, but a few errors on the service. I was sitting alone at a bar with one other patron. The server continued to chit chat with the other patron for several minutes before coming over to hand me a menu. I had to walk over and take the menu from his hand after about 5 minutes of waiting. He then put in the wrong order for my food. I accepted it due to time constraints and it was still tasty, but not what I ordered.


Crestin Green

5 months ago

First pizza spot since moving from Chicago/Detroit, and it was pretty good. The crust was so soft and tasty. I do not care for crust at that. The sunset paradise drink was excellent now, my top five drinks. The outside could have been cleaner, and the webs by the windows needs to be cleaned away. But other than that we will visit again. See Sylvia if you choose to go.


Antonio Brown

2 months ago

This is the 3rd or 4th time this has happened to us personally. We get there and our food takes 30-40 +min with no communication at all. We are both service industry and understand when things are going wrong and taking longer, but its the lack of communication/customer service that upsets us. Mainly, we have have this problem with the same bartender, who has never even given his name but wears a bandana under his hat and just generally unfriendly, uninterested in caring for customers, and seems annoyed all the time, never been friendly at any point in time. Being in the industry, we can understand if there are kitchen issues but once again, lack of communication or ability to communicate, plus inability to be polite, puts us at the point where we feel like its not run correctly and writing this to try to save other people the headache of getting terrible service.


Taiwan Brown

3 months ago

I remember living by the Mellow Mushroom in Charleston, SC and thinking it was a Vegan restaurant... Thankfully my coworkers educated me on the amazing pizza! Last weekend was my first time visiting the Charlotte location with a group of students from UNCC. The server was really kind and offered my great suggestions. I love garlic but hate spice, I'm glad she let me know that the garlic wings were not too spicy, they are amazing! I wish I had ordered two! The food was brought to the table nice and hot. I recommend trying this restaurant.

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