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Robert Bailey

a year ago

Excellent hand made food! Really no complaints at all. Two minor suggestions, the TEA is a fruit infused, so telling someone in advance might help. I also love bread and it would be awesome served with the food. They have it on the app selection so maybe they may want you to buy it. Neither one would stop me from returning. Highly recommend!


Golden Goddess

a month ago

This was a decent restaurant. It didn't feel authentically Italian. The portions were small, and some of the pairings were odd. However, I am still happy I tried it. There was also this interesting ginger margarita. It is a refreshing starter drink. Very unique. The servers are relaxed, but they needed more staff, but so does every restaurant right now. I won't return, but worth a single visit, at least to say you tried it.


Randy Lahey

3 weeks ago

Food is as absolutely great! Would definitely recommend giving them a chance! Our apps, drinks, and entrees were great! Service was good as well. Very relaxed vibe. Would recommend making a reservation ahead of time because it is a busy place since its so good! Check it out!


Dave Clinton

10 months ago

Look here, if you haven't tried the white truffle garlic bread I just don't think you have your life prioritized right. I've tried not to go back to this place so I could try other restaurants. This place just keeps calling me. From the crispy calamari to the seasoned vegetable salad, everything has been damn good.


Gian Giles

2 months ago

This place is amazing!!!! Everything we tried was amazing but the what clinched it for me was the short rib. The waiter said I probably wouldn't need my knife to cut through the meat, and he was so right. This is one of my favorite restaurants now.

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