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Savvy Siren

a month ago

I visited recently, and the restaurant seemed understaffed; it wasn't packed when I initially arrived. I had to ask multiple times for things like a mug of hot water. The server I started out with left in the midst of my visit (I presume for a break), and that seemed a bit confusing for the employee who took over. I had to reiterate things I'd already clarified with the first server. I ordered Chang's Spicy Chicken, and the entree didn't have much sauce at all. It seemed like it was half-tended to and not mixed well. On top of that, I ordered vegetable fried rice to go. I had very specific instructions on what ingredients not to include, and went over it at least 3-4 times. I got home to find that the order was wrong, and there were ingredients in it that were not even mentioned on the menu, like mushroom and celery, I think, barely any egg and no carrot. This visit left me annoyed. I was hoping to have some relaxing, care-free me time, but it just didn't happen here. At least the employees were polite, hence the two stars.


Tonia Davis

7 months ago

Just had a great time celebrating a friend's birthday at P.F. Chang's. I ordered this savory chicken, mushroom, cauliflower, carrots,green beans, peppers,egg noodles, and added a fried egg with a coconut milk &curry sauce dish. This dish was creamy with just a hint of spice from the peppers. I had added brown rice but you didn't need it. It was filling with the veggies but light. Remove the chicken and this could have easily been a vegetarian meal. I literally could have drank a cup of the sauce or dipped it in bread. Either way..the meal was a 10 out of 10. My kiddo had shrimp and noodles which she liked. The only reason I scored it a 4 was because our server was in the wrong profession. Although he did the mechanics of his job,he did not have a servant's heart nor personality. This is so sad because our food cost the SAME AMOUNT as someone who was a great server. Luckily, we only spent $47 including tip ($10) for two people. I tip well for great service . His loss.


Saviela Edwards Thorne

11 months ago

Loved the atmosphere and friendliness of the staff. The ambience was perfect for a romantic dinner. The food was fresh to order and absolutely delicious! They even gave my husband a free dessert for his birthday! We really enjoyed ourselves and will be returning!


Anja Downing

3 months ago

This place is touch and go! The service is okay but today the bar and surrounding tables were a mess! The bartender was trying to keep up with the demand but he was outnumbered. I ordered a classic dish off the menu. It looked amazing but fell short on flavor! I was highly disappointed! But disappointment comes often. I try to give this establishment chances but I'm running out of patience! The staff changes frequently especially in the kitchen. I recommend Boading (located across the street) for flavor and large servings. They are always consistent!


Symone Brown

3 weeks ago

Ordered to go online. 2 simple items. After ordering I was told it would be 1.5 hours before I could pick up food. Tried to call into the restaurant to check on this situation. call was never answered and left on hold for 5 minutes the first time and 10 minutes the second time until the disconnected my call. Never was able to speak to anyone. to go time and lack of answer is 1000% unacceptable. I would leave 0 stars if I could.