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Catherine Abbott

3 weeks ago

Such a cute coffee shop! We were visiting Charlotte for the weekend and we're so happy we stopped in Queens City Grounds to start our day. Two stories with lots of seating options to work or study. Their staff was friendly and fast. The cold brew was great and I also enjoyed a delicious breakfast bagel sandwich. Their Pay It Forward wall was such an amazing concept to foster kindness


dalton piercy

2 weeks ago

I went to their location off of North Church Street on 12 August 2022, at approximately 9:15. 1. The lady with red dye in her hair was not friendly when she took my order, not rude, but clearly dismissive. 2. She ended up writing my name down wrong for the order I guess, so I obviously didnt respond when they called my name (there were plenty of other guest, figured it was theirs). Not a big deal, but the same lady finally came up to me (red dyed hair) and said weve called your name like 5 times as she delivered the coffee to our table, in the most disrespectful way possible. Then proceeded to roll her eyes as she walked off. 3. I clearly didnt know what name that they had down so the same thing happened for my food except she got my attention hollered at me to come get the food. Not a big deal, except, I finally mentioned that I think you got my name wrong, to which again she rolled her eyes and another staff joked that its such a big deal 4. Our drinks were labeled wrong (it was two drinks), so we each took a sip of each others drink. Lastly, one of these issues not a big deal, I get it people have bad days. But the lady with the red dyed hair is truly not meant for this job and this establishment will no longer get my business. I was a frequent customer, not anymore, this is pathetic.


Jennifer Longest

3 weeks ago

The coffee and breakfast sandwich were delicious. I loved the atmosphere. I really enjoyed the lay it forward wall. Such a great way to bring the community together. Its also in a really cute park of town with historical homes.


Jon Giles

6 months ago

Never fails! Drinks are always creative and delicious, and the food is a star. Does all the little things right, and nail it each time they swing for the fences with a wild special/new item. A personal favorite for sure. EDIT MARCH 3 2022 : Still rules.


Dylan Morton

5 months ago

I am leaving 1 star because I have to. Worst experience in all my history of coffee shops. The guy (who I thought was maybe a female...no name tag) at the register stood there pushing buttons on the register when I arrived appearing to be very busy despite the fact I was the only customer in line or waiting. He didn't say "one moment" "I will be right with you" or "can I help you". I am a nice guy, so I did not interrupt. I stood there waiting for him to finish and after about 5 minutes, I assumed the machine was broke. So, I spoke up and politely asked, "can I place the order and pay in cash (no change needed). He then looked up and very smugly said, "I'm waiting on you to order, what do you want". I was instantly annoyed but, like I said, I'm a nice guy and let it go. I politely apologized for the confusion and ordered my drink. He was very rude. Didn't tell me a total, flipped the screen around and walked away. He whispered several times to the female making the drinks and they just kept looking at me laughing. When it was done, he grabbed the drink and sat it on the pick up counter and walked away without saying anything. The drink was horrible having purposely been sabotaged by the female under the man's instruction. It wasn't an innocent mistake where it was not hot enough or too sweet. It was not drinkable AT ALL. I threw the drink away, looked at both of them, and walked out. I sent two white coworkers there immediately after I left and they did not have the same experience and much better cups of coffee. In that regard, clearly an isolated incident of racism. Just a heads up to Management who may or may not be condoning this despicable behavior....this does not stop at my review. I will be reporting this establishment and incident to the BBB, Chamber, CA, and any other platform to ensure everyone knows what to expect when visiting Queen City Grounds.

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