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Daniel Judah

3 months ago

Excellent place to have a barbecue. The barbecue is excellent, the portion is large and the price is quite cheap. The barbecue is very delicious. The hush puppies is the most delicious thing on the menu, I think their hush puppies are the best in the US. The sauce is North Carolina style, so it is quite acidic, but it is very delicious. The place is clean enough. They have good parking spaces, they also have a few seating outdoors. Excellent barbecue!


Jacqueline Telljohann

5 months ago

This popular BBQ spot is the perfect stop on the way back to Charlotte from the mountains. My husband and I shared: - Jumbo Plate - Deviled Egg Sandwich - Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Sandwich - Banana Pudding I wish I could get BBQ like this in Charlotte. It was fantastic. And so cheap. The hushpuppies and slaw were my favorites of the sides. I'd probably double up on the BBQ plates next time.


Julie Stevens

8 months ago

I wasn't all that impressed with any of the food. Had the chopped plate with beans and potato salad. It all was a bit bland in my opinion. The sauce for the barbecue was different but I did end up liking it. The restaurant itself was super cute and the staff was awesome. Not sure I'll be back but it is a quick stop off the road for travelers.


Mike S

2 months ago

The service is friendly, the bbq is typical Carolinian style, vinegary and a bit dry but not too bad. The hush puppies, however, is the BEST thing here. Probably the best in the whole state.


Juan Duran

11 months ago

Listen, if you've never grown up in the south and know what bbq is really like, you won't like it anyway you get it. Do not listen to some of these reviews because I know good bbq. I went to Georgia for a whole week and did not know up until then that someone could easily mess up bbq. I was traumatized cause georgia food was so garbage. So when I got back to the good Ole Carolinas, there was a bbq spot conveniently right across from the hotel I was staying at and knew I'd be in for a treat. I was so happy and excited from the moment I took a sip of that sweet tea. The bbq was perfect, easily pulls apart, not alot of chewing, flavor, and that sauce is amazing. I also tried bbq nachos for the first time and I tell you hwhat, that was some of the best nachos I ever had. Hospitality and food was a 10 out 10. I'd definitely come back more often if I lived close by, but I will definitely make the trip back once in a while!

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