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Molotov Mitchell

a year ago

Two thumbs the f up! A hidden gem and one of my all-time favorite restaurant-shops. Rhinos fresh, hot food is so delicious, esp the specials (youve gotta try the Big Skinny on Thursdays) and breakfast fare (breakfast burrito FTW). Theyve got a broad and eclectic mix of beers and wine from all over NC, as well as the best cheese options in town. Eat, do your grocery shopping, have a pint with friends, this place has it all. Youve gotta try it.


Goldee Payton

4 months ago

Such a great place to grab a quick sandwich & beer/cocktail! I'm a big fan of the Rhino Club. You order at the window, browse & pay at the register. The staff was so accommodating & friendly. The only downside is there isn't a lot of seating & it can get packed, so you may really need to grab & go. Food is simple, fresh and fab!


Evelyn Barahona

8 months ago

Loved this cute shop! The food is amazing and they offer vegan options which is great since there isn't much in the uptown of Charlotte.


Devon Boyles - Modev Candle

2 months ago

Dont get me wrong, Rhino Market is super convenient. I love going there for so many things. Every time I go for lunch, however, the kitchen can never seem to follow their own instructions! Ive gotten sandwiches there countless times that have been delicious. Other times, Ive ordered the same sandwich and ingredients are left out, its not toasted or they forget to make it entirely! I really want to like Rhino Market Deli, I tell a ton of people to go there. Its really disappointing to not be able to enjoy the lunch spot next door due to these easily avoidable mistakes. Just not a fan of lukewarm, half made sandwiches :/



7 months ago

I LOVE Rhino Market. Their sandwiches are delicious and I love wandering around after ordering to pick out a fun drink, chips, and dessert. There is ample seating inside and some outdoor seating as well. My partner raves about the vegan grilled cheese, saying it is the best he has ever had.

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