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Raquel S

9 months ago

Great little market/deli with a bar (beer and wine) where you can get fresh made breakfast, sandwiches, and salads. I got the chicken torta after getting a pedicure next door. It was really good but the chicken pieces were so big that big chunks of chicken came out every bite I took. It was pretty messy to eat! The parking is weird but they have a decent number of spots that they share with the other businesses in the building.


Jane Butler

a month ago

Ordered a vegan breakfast burrito which is supposed to come with a flour tortilla, potatoes, vegan sausage & cheese, salsa and spring mix and it came looking like this, on a wheat tortilla. I called and asked if they could remake it and said no because they stopped serving breakfast and all they could do was offer me a refund. If an order is made incorrectly youd think they could just quickly make it for you. Super disappointed because I eat here multiple times weekly.


Jeremiah Gill

4 months ago

Spent time in NYC and love delis. This place rocks! Got the Hot Roast Beef ($8) and it was delicious. Will be back for the Wednesday special soon.


Jacob Stanley

5 months ago

First time here and somehow they get a build your own sandwich wrong? Who forgets cheese and puts mustard when I asked for no mustard? Would drive back for a refund if I wasn't so annoyed.


Alberta Alexander

2 months ago

If I could give zero stars I definitely would. I walk into the store and, was never greeted but they greeted everyone who came in after me. I was the only person of color (customer)in the store. The sign that they have hanging in there says we give excellent service. So I order,go to the register and, people were just standing and I waited for the last person I saw and, I went to register to pay. Well the rude white man told me with a frown on his face that theres a line. I didnt know lines were formed in between the isles so I get in line and the white man is frowning his face discussing me. How unprofessional is this business. I pay go to the back to get my food and, Im standing there waiting for my food. All the time your non greeting person just looked at me and, talking with coworkers. After about 10 minutes of looking at me she finally told me that my food was in another window. Took one bite and, totally disgusted me. I will never return to this evidently doesnt want people of color in their establishment.

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