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Stefanie Liebhold

10 months ago

What a hidden gem on North Tryon Street in Charlotte. We already know the best food comes out of a small place in a strip mall, but this little African cuisine restaurant really impressed us. The food was outstanding. We tried things we have never had before. The Fufu (dough) was amazing, we dipped it in Palava Sauce. We also had a side of Cassava Fries. All the flavors were just amazing. Next time you pick a restaurant, try something new! I promise you wont regret it!


Unique O'Neal

9 months ago

The food was delicious. Very small serving for $20. I order online and it took me 25 minutes to get there and I still had to wait for my food. I was shocked when I got home and opened the container because there wasnt much to eat. Id definitely try another spot before I order here again.


Chanay George

7 months ago

Ordered food on 9/30/22 and found the plastic object in a bite of my food. The nonchalant person who answered the phone said I could bring the food back or get a refund. Since the weather was bad out, I chose the refund. Supposedly, only the manager could give refunds and I was told that they would call me back but of course I didnt receive a call back. Went to Zanzibar the next day and was accused of planting the plastic in the food (manager said that people call all the time stating that theyve found things in their food). The manager also said that the plastic didnt come from them because of how it looked. I was told to text the images to a random number which was supposed to be the owner (no answer) and to leave my CashApp handle. Ultimately, the manager gave me his personal funds as gas money but promised that the owner would reach out to me. Its the principle of it all and I believe that the situation was handled in an unprofessional manner.


Peter Boker

a year ago

Food was authentic and tasty. The price point was also great considering the large serving size. Great atmosphere to dine and relax. Great vibe!


Melanie Jones

a month ago

Their food is good. I just wish the portions reflected the price, because it doesnt. $17 for the palava sauce and $25 for this goat soup

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