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a month ago

Really great offerings for any beers, wines, cocktails that you want. Plus the 100 bones club is a really cool idea that is executed in a cooler way than a lot of other places with similar ideas. The food is really great, but some of the portions can be small for the price. Also sides are a la cart which adds up quickly, especially with drinks. The crinkle-cut fries are never a good idea in my opinion, but theyre almost saved by the sauce served here. One of the servers is usually a bit of a jerk but the others make up for him. Overall a great place to kill some time and eat.


Zak Evans

10 months ago

Excellent service and food. They had a lot of fun specials to try and for a decent price. They definitely wanted you to experience different tastes without killing your wallet. The girl scout desert is worth it. Highly suggested to go and eat here in NoDa


Amy Powell

2 months ago

Not always easy to give a rating off of a curbside pickup experience but this was an awesome experience! I ordered online (easy with lots of options for customization) and pulled into the lot next door for pickup. My order was ready promptly and someone kindly ran it out to me. Without a doubt this was the best chicken sandwich Ive ever had. It was fried light and crispy and it was the tenderest meat Ive ever had! The pimento cheese was delicious but the addition of the pepper jelly perfection. The perfect amount of sweet for the salty spicy sandwich. Tater tots were good! My picture does NOT do it justice. I will definitely be back to dine-in.


Debra Hadley

3 weeks ago

This place looks like a bar with food. It's actually really good food with a bar. We dropped in after playing disc golf at Sugaw Park. As a family group, we weren't the usual clientele. But the staff was friendly, professional, prompt and courteous. We ordered Redneck Nachos, a chicken sandwich, a cheese burger, and sliders. It was all quite good. The nachos were outstanding -- crisp chips, gooey mac-n- cheese, bacon, pulled pork and a white BBQ sauce. I wouldn't really call it BBQ sauce. We are in North Carolina, after all. But it was a good sauce, especially with the fresh, crunchy fried chips. The fried chicken sandwich was hot, crispy and delicious. My husband pulled the pickles off (there were a lot) because he doesn't do pickles on sandwiches. That suited me fine because I ate them all. They were snappy, garlicky and kissed with dill. Yum. As for sides, get the tater tots. They are deep fried and came to the table with that just-out-of-the-fryer hot, hot smell. Outstanding. The place has a grungy, hip, joint kind of vibe. The music was really, really loud. Next time we go, I think we'll sit outside. All in all, I highly recommend this place


Richard Christie

9 months ago

I lived in Charlotte so long I can't believe I never heard of this place. It was fantastic. Out server was awesome. Our server was super knowledgeable and wonderful. The food and drinks were amazing an the atmosphere was exactly what we were looking for. Can't wait to go back.

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