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Hannah Terry

3 months ago

Get your butt over here. Browse the tees, boots, and nostalgia. Youll love it. The girl working there was super friendly and conversational, telling us about her favorite stuff in there.


Danielle Martin

2 months ago

Awesome little vintage shop that's been around for ages. People tend to get upset expecting goodwill prices from a curated vintage shop, but if you love vintage you know that the prices are absolutely fair and often less than what the same items sell for online. Great place to find unique vintage pieces, boots and tshirts.


Stephen Lewis

3 years ago

Nostalgic from the moment you enter. Fatback (tube) TVs, excellent t-shirt selection, Good stock, great deals throughout. Definitely something for everyone in here. Just a fun place.


Andrew Toksoz-Exley

2 years ago

Adorable shop for genuinely good vintage clothes at good prices. The boot collection is really cool and the people working there are so friendly.


Monday X.

10 months ago

Interesting, well-priced secondhand store. The place has a cozy atmosphere, and the owners tell you to make yourself at home. (We definitely did- it was hot out so we chilled on the couch for a good bit after finding out no cowboy boot was my shoe size.) Their vintage collection is extremely interesting. The outerwear was probably my favorite to look through. I'm never a vintage tees person, so I skimmed over it. They have extremely well-priced vintage jeans, and a quirky unique pant rack. And then, of course, there's the cowboy boot wall. It's separated into mens and women's boots- mens on the left, women's on the right. All of them are labeled with sizing. Trying them on was fun, although there weren't any black ones that fit me quite right. Also, I really liked their small moto boot collection.

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