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Benjamin Rorick

8 months ago

I would need a 7 hour slow-cinema epic to express my happiness for the existence of this theater. It has been a long time coming for Charlotte to get an indie focused, independently owned cinema. I kicked off my journey with a screening of Memoria which is exactly the type of film only a place like this can provide. I cant wait to see many more moving, thoughtful, and enlightening films here in the future. Its a beautiful haven for film fans that is instantly a cant miss stop for those living or traveling through the Queen City. I also cant wait to see what special, curated programming and festivals they bring to the city (heres hoping for a horror festival one day ).


Ashley L.

5 months ago

This little theater is something to experience. It was my 1st time here as I went for a movie screening & was pleasantly surprised at this place. Now, it's in the middle of an industrial-looking area & one would not expect to find this here, so this leads me to believe maybe the area will be built-up in the coming years. The place was really clean (seems almost new) with adequate parking outside. The decor was welcoming & all film related of course. Staff seemed pretty cool. There looked to be only three theaters: a "micro" theater & two bigger auditoriums, let's say half the size of an AMC therater maybe. It's nice & quaint. The seats do rise up a few steps, but only so much so beware of sitting behind a taller person (they will block your view, that's the only reason I took a star off). The seats don't recline too much & are not heated, they are just regular cinema seats. The concessions are your normal popcorn, drinks, and candy. Not sure if alcohol was served, I didn't notice. It would be nice to have an ICEE machine there in the future & more options for concession snacks. The bathrooms were clean but take note that they are "All Gender Restrooms"- no male only/female only bathrooms and they seemed to be different sizes inside. Not sure if they rent their theaters out for private events, but it'd be super nice if they did because it's such a personal theater. All in all I'd come to see a movie here again.


Luv2 Travel

5 months ago

Oh what a wonderful movie theater! We loved the vibes we got the moment we drove up! We watched Marcel the Shell with Shoes on! The theater itself had great sound quality, comfortable seats and a great selection of snacks and drinks! Love that we have such a cute place here in the CLT area!


Jason Haynes

6 months ago

Having visited a few times, I cannot recommend the Independent Picture House highly enough. The theater staff are all extremely nice and there is a good variety of concessions (huge fan of the cookies). The interior design and feel of the theater is incredible and if you look around at photos in the lobby and the film ads decorating some of the wallpaper you can see a lot of fun nods to Charlottes history of independent theaters. The screening rooms all have top notch picture and sound quality and I think the micro cinema will be a really cool place for future small film screenings. Most importantly for me, they have excellent film programming. This theater has not been open for a very long time and within this short time I have already been able to watch a number of very interesting and diverse films there. Most of the films I have seen there are movies that I would not have known about at all if they were not screened at the Independent Picture House. Having a place like this to discover new films and art is incredible for our city. Very much looking forward to the future of this theater and experiencing more films here.


Jakub Blank

7 months ago

had a great experience watching mad god, the projectors seem really quality, sound was good. the staff is so nice. excited about all the movies im gonna see here.

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