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The quintessential neighborhood café, ROOTS Café is known for serving breakfast all day. Featuring fresh ingredients in a casual setting, order at the counter and know that you are indulging in dishes made with fresh ingredients and local products.

Cuisine Type: American

Ambience: Casual Dining

Price: $$

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2 months ago

My wife and I stopped by here for a quick bite for breakfast. Ill start with the one downside that I personally wasnt a fan of. Once we started ordering, the individual at the front was nice, but not very accommodating. She didnt seem that invested in us as customers, which is fine, but just something I noticed and the only reason I left a 4 star review. The food, however, is a whole other matter. My wife ordered the Smoked Salmon (a menu item) and I ordered the Breakfast Burrito (also a menu item). The burrito was just the right size with a good amount of sausage and other fillings, but not overflowing. The flavor was excellent. The burrito was filling. All-in-all, a great cafe worth a stop and a bite.


Ashley N. Withers

a month ago

Came here to enjoy a late breakfast/early lunch with a colleague. She was running behind so I went in to grab us a table. Bad idea. 1st issue - I wasnt acknowledged or greeted. I was sitting for about 5 minutes when an employee came up to me and rudely told me that they were getting busy and that the customers in line will need a place to sit. You have to order food and THEN sit. She walked away before I could respond. I called her back over to my table to let her know I had every intention on ordering, was just waiting for my guest so that we could order together. Which is a thing right? Sometimes one party arrives before the other and they usually wait to order together? For added context, the cafe had plenty of seating when I arrived. They did get a bit of a rush moments later. If I had been sitting for an unreasonable amount of time I could understand politely asking a guest what their intentions are as we are getting busy and our tables are limited. But her approach was terrible and gave off get out vibes. Thankfully there was a bagel shop (Poppys) right around the corner and my colleague and I ended up having the best food & service there!


Emmanuel H.

2 weeks ago

The atmosphere here is wonderful! My food was prepared promptly and the servers were very friendly. You order at the front counter, get assigned a number then sit waiting for your meal to be brought to you. Perfect spot for a light brunch and casual conversation.


David Thomas

a month ago

Good food. Friendly service. I had a Bronx which was a nice bagel with great tasting pastrami. Half sweet / half unsweetened tea


Matt G

a month ago

A hidden gem! Great spot for locally sourced, thoughtfully prepared, chef-driven eats, great coffee, and a chill vibe. Try the bowls with added proteins for some of the heartiest, freshest, and tastiest lunch meals around.

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