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Bethany Quinn

2 weeks ago

My husband and I are big sushi fans and have tried all the best places in and around Charlotte. We *love* Ru Sans! Their selection and quality of sushi is phenomenal and the prices are very reasonable. The environment is very enjoyable as well. The restaurant is pretty loud (especially when anyone is doing a sake bomb) but we like that about it- plus we can take our kids there without fear of them being too loud. We travel almost an hour to get to Ru Sans but it really is worth it considering the great food. Service is always top notch as well. The waiters/waitresses are always very knowledgeable about the menu and interesting to talk to as well.


Bill Schoonmaker

a week ago

Ru San's has always been a fan favorite with my co-workers. Recently though I think they are missing the mark a little bit. When we arrived on our last visit they did not have shrimp or crab on the buffet, I asked and was told they would be out soon. Unfortunately they did not bring any in the 40 minutes or so we were eating. These being my favorite things I had to knock a star off. The other food was good, the booth we sat in was weird in that the table was shorter than the actual seats. Go here for decent sushi at a more than fair price all you can eat.


Randall Condrey

in the last week

I have been eating here for approximately 20 years. When the restaurant first opened the food was fresh and beautiful to see , the staff was friendly and you always felt like it was an event just to stop by to have lunch or dinner. Over the years as time went by the food quality , presentation , training and friendliness of the staff and overall feel of the restaurant went downhill. It all began when the restaurant doubled in size by taking over the space next door .Because of the sheer number of customer served much of the lunch buffet was made hours in advance thus began a slippery slope to the mediocre food that they serve today. It may still be possible to get a good meal there I just haven't had one in quite a long while.


Rich Dreiman

2 weeks ago

Sushi buffet is always a hit, which means the place fills up quickly. It's good quality sushi for the all you can eat price. If you want premium sushi and a more eclectic feel, then you should probably select a more high end restaurant. They serve other meal options here, though I have not tried. Regardless, this is one of the more popular sushi spots in Charlotte.



2 months ago

Ru Sans is a fun place to go and have sushi! They get busy on the weekends and around dinner time during the week days as well so be prepared for a wait! They have a huge selection of sushi and you can create your own sushi roll! You wont be disappointed if you visit this place! I always recommend it to those visiting Charlotte. This is a low key kind of place so dress casual.