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3 weeks ago

I've visited twice. Both times at 5:30 pm, they were out of a main item (brisket once & sausage another time). Food is mediocre, at best. They do have great onion rings! Price is high for the portion sizes & quality of the meals. I probably won't go back, as there are too many other places that are better.


Jessica Jordan

5 months ago

Pulled pork was dry. That should be all I need to say. But I'll share my other comments. First, my pulled pork sandwich was served on a plain grocery store bun. No toast. No butter. Dry bread. Second, the meal only includes one side, which is pretty cheap. I got the fried corn, which was very good. The wings were better than the sandwich, which would be fine if this wasn't a BBQ place. And they gave us Newman's Own sauce packets to pour ourselves, which is just in bad taste. Finally, if you're going to call yourself Sauceman's you should offer more sauce options. The three available are good, but nothing to write home about. The sweet tea was very good. And the staff was great. So there's that at least.


Marko Sharko

in the last week

Almost all the food was fantastic. Ribs, chicken, and sausage were amazingly good. The pulled pork was good. Mac and cheese is maybe the best I've ever had. The red and white cole slaw are so similar, I wondered why offer two different slaws? Now the down sides. Customer service was ok. They did their jobs, but everyone just looks unhappy. The fried green tomatoes need seasoning or something. And the platters are a bit pricey. A few more smiles, and maybe a better price and I would have given it 5 stars. Overall, good job!


John J

a month ago

Ok pork BBQ, kinda sweet, I did eat it all. Did not know Lexington, KY had BBQ, it is not NC BBQ at all. Onion rings are very good. Potato salad out of a carton, too much mustard and has sugar in it.


Frank Deal

3 months ago

I remember when this place opened. It was a little lackluster. But every day theyve been open theyve gotten better and better. Better cue. Better draft selections. Better atmosphere. I cant wait to go back!