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Katie Birkbeck

2 months ago

Food was very good (especially the sweet potato tots) but BEWARE when ordering a drink not off of the cocktail menu. I am not a huge fan of cocktails so I ordered a margarita. Signature cocktails were $12 so I figured a margarita would be less, because that is the case at every other place I've been in Charlotte if you order a basic drink that is not on the menu. Shame on me for not asking. Three margaritas and $50 later, I was pissed. Yes, these MARGARITAS WERE $17 EACH. Up until this point I had a great dinner and was excited to come back, now I don't think I ever will because this left a horrible taste in my mouthliterally and figuratively. The consistency of the the drinks was almost as horrendous as the price. My first margarita came in a normal glass (like their water glasses) and tasted strong, but very good. The next two can in a martini type glass and honestly tasted like I was drinking straight tequila. I had to pour ice from my water into the drink to make it bearable. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather it be strong and grimace through it than drink straight mix, but there is a happy medium. I could deal with inconsistency and poor tasting drinks if the price was right. But this is not Michelin-starred restaurant. We are not in NYC so it doesn't need NYC prices. NO BASIC MARGARITA SHOULD EVER COST $17.


Curtis Watkins

a month ago

Leroy Fox is consistent...in other words, I can expect the same good experience when I go. Great service by the staff who are always friendly. Good food that doesn't disappoint but also doesn't necessarily blow you away. Overall worth the visit although I do think they should add a lunch menu in the $8ish range (expect to spend about $15 for lunch of a sandwich and soda).


reginald tyson

3 weeks ago

Food was outstanding. Had the honey glazed grilled chicken with the balsamic glazed bacon brussel sprouts with sweet potato tots which were the best I have ever had. Great atmosphere and bar set up.


Brandon Poe

a month ago

The food here is delicious! They have such amazing southern comfort food. The staff was really polite.


Helen Edwards-Jackson

2 weeks ago

Deliciously inspired, we meet here for my monthly Realtor Meetup "Collab at Lunch", this was a first time experience. We tried the zucchini fries which are a bit on the spicy side. If you don't like hot, pass this one by! I tried the salmon blt, the salmon could have been seasoned more. The SWEET POTATO TOTS were the best I ever tasted! The TOTS balanced the under seasoned salmon or it was the delight of my sweet tooth?! My colleagues enjoyed the salad entrees. It's definitely a repeat, but a little expensive for lunch.