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Sam Khan

6 months ago

Lively fried chicken establishment in the form of a nice sit-down restaurant. Service was great. They had a few TVs like a sports bar and good music playing. Food was good but nothing special. Maybe I was unfairly expecting something extra special from their fried chicken, but it was simply good fried chicken. The chicken was especially moist even the humongous fried chicken breast was juicy, not dry like some other chicken joints. I had the Cajun fries which was unevenly seasoned and the sweet potato tater tots which were amazing. The cheddar and jalapeno cornbread was superb - delicious and generously portioned. I think I enjoyed their cornbread the most. Both dine-in and takeout experiences were good, although they took a long time to give the takeout. They do need to have some more vegetarian options on the menu for our vegetarian friends. They do need to reduce/remove the pork/bacon/lard options from the sides, since several folks who are pork-free couldn't try the delicious sides. A pork-free gravy would allow more customers to enjoy the menu items as well.


Jessica Eovino

2 months ago

Food was good. Would go back again to try more. It just didn't wow me. Service was a bit slow and it wasn't busy at the time. My husband loved the chicken sandwich. Fries were good. The tenders were good and you got a great portion. The greenbelt casserole was good.


Paula Staver

10 months ago

Pros- adorable, good energy, large portions. Cons- slow service, food tries to be creative beyond skill set. Its average, maybe a little less than average.. We didnt try anything that wed return for- oh, I take that back- the sausage gravy was very good! On the fence on if wed return.- maybe for drinks and the good energy or breakfast for sausage gravy.


John Pett

3 months ago

Really good food and generous portions. Service was great. Small place that is not deep into the city but close enough to walk. I recommend giving this a try. We had the classic chicken sandwich and the chicken salad sandwich. Both were great. But I liked the chicken salad sandwich a little bit more.


Emmala Alfaro

2 months ago

Amazing service! Took away a star because the although the nachos were good, the chicken on top was not good at all. The meat was very fatty and chewy which took away from everything else. I also do not recommend the Wham, Bam, Strawberry Maam cocktail as it tasted a little bit like nail polish remover.

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