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Featuring Korean-inspired barbecue dishes with a Southern twist, don’t come here expecting traditional dishes such as bibimbap and bulgogi. Instead, you can expect fusion dishes such as ramen mac and cheese, kimchi mayo slaw, soy garlic wings and other dishes packed with flavor and coated in addictive sauces.

Cuisine Type: Korean

Ambience: Casual Dining

Price: $

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Jennifer Nielsen

a month ago

Fabulous! Went early about 3:30 PM as soon as we arrived to Charlotte and found parking on site for $2. an hour. We were greeted and seated outside at our request. Waitress brought ice water and menus right away. Was told to go up to bar and order whenever we were ready. Got the soy and garlic wings, small pork ribs and kimchi egg rolls. Oh my goodness! The food is amazing and big portions. Had disposable gloves, to pick up the food with limited mess. But still had plenty of napkins and wet wipes. Went back up to pay and waitress said leave the tray and she would clean up. We were more than pleased and highly recommend!! Not sure what its like during peak mealtime but I would say worth the wait!


Tawanna Alston

2 months ago

Went for a birthday celebration we ate and did karaoke. I had a chicken taco and I did not enjoy it as it needed a pinch of salt. However the soy garlic wings were amazing and if I ever come back the wings will be my go to. The drinks were tasty. Now as far as the karaoke, it was fun however the remote for the music was very confusing. I understand its for the ambience that its in Korean however its not easy to understand. One wrong button and you will be calling your server to help. At least ours was helpful.


Joli Moffitt

10 months ago

This place is fantastic!! Great , Friendly staff( even passed kitchen staff and were also smiling happy good vibes),informative( since we had not been before we had a few questions). Great food!! We got quite a few things to try out ... delicious!!! Best part of all we had been looking for a dog friendly place that opened before 4pm...not only were they dog friendly...they had a dog park fenced in for the dogs to play!!We were the only ones there so our pup got to run free playing while we enjoyed ourselves!! Also they have great space for birthday parties and other occasions ! We will definitely be going back!!


TM Author

2 months ago

The food was great. Wanted to mention that first. Wanted to pick up food on a Saturday at 4:45pm. Ordering online was reasonably easy, except for the payment section which kept malfunctioning. Finally got it to go through. Parking, unfortunately, is a huge minus. A parking lot too small to accommodate all the cars trying to get in, and designed in such a way that getting in and out was a mess. Lots of bad behavior by other drivers (not Seoul Foods fault) including screaming and gesturing. Not fun to witness (the bad behavior did not include our driver) The inside of the restaurant was almost as bad as the parking lot. Customers pushing and shoving, employees looking very overwhelmed, and a disorganized crew at the front door. Beef rib: very good and worth the price. Tacos: very good. Wings: excellent and possibly the best weve ever had. Sides: hit and miss. In the future well try to dine during non-peak hours and possibly do a ride-share.


Jharana Agrawal

7 months ago

Karaoke back room is SUPER fun. They had a time getting it setup but it was a blast. They let us stay in there as long as they could after close - food was pretty good. Would come back!

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