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Ann Kennedy

2 months ago

I ordered the 3 peice chicken with cabbage and fried okra. The fried okra was delicious! Chicken was very flavorful, and the cabbage was tasty. For dessert tried the peach cobbler, but that wasn't so good. The crust was very chewy and it just wasn't right. Food was reasonable priced and the wait wasn't to long. I will go back. Definitely some good food.


C Powell

6 months ago

This place was a nice surprise. I used to live in the university area and wish this place was here when I was. The location is tucked away between the Bank of America and the Bojangles. The food was great. I honestly was a little worried as the food was seating covered in the counter similar to a buffet style. Yet, it was actually good. I was able to get the meatloaf with collards and green beans. All the sides are prepared without meat so you could have a totally vegetarian meal if you wanted. My wife got the BBQ chicken with green beans and mac&cheese. The BBQ chicken was fine. Yet, the sides were way better. Definitely, recommend it.


Alicia Noble

2 months ago

I have a complaint. I ordered thru doordash. Staff gave my dasher the wrong order. I scheduled my delivery for dropoff between 1:30 to 1:50 as I go on lunch at 2pm. I called a hour before hand to make sure everything was okay! They gave my dasher the wrong order, I called. They sent this back. This chicken looks and taste as if it's been sitting ALL day. I am highly upset.


chiquita williams

a month ago

Great food!! Worth going back. You also get your monies worth. Thanks Katherine!!


Sun Ray Vibes

2 weeks ago

Update, 1 year later: (2022) I recently visited this location again. They have new male employees and food tastes extremely SALTY. The quality and portions have somewhat diminished. Very disappointed. Wondering if they have new owners or something.... Previous review 2021: Food is very good. I almost ate it all before snapping a picture. The Mac N cheese is baked excellent. The collards are cooked like true southern soul style. The yams are seasoned good with vanilla and cinnamon. Cornbread A+. I ordered 2 plates. The Fried chicken delicious. The BBQ chicken plate could of been better but overall great food at a good price!

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