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Glory B

a year ago

Tevin was forthcoming with information on the business and the ingredients which is super helpful. He was also very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my question easily and effectively. I tried three boozy flavours; tropical winter, sangria, and peach whiskey(cant remember the official names of the last two). They all have great and intense flavour. The alcohol is not overpowering at all and they arent sickly sweet. My favourite is the peach whiskey(pictured)! The Sangria is a close second. I love coconut, but the tropical winter is a pass for me. Next time, I will try the pia colada :D Great first experience for me and I cant wait to bring friends :D


Tara Centeio

6 months ago

Words cannot explain how good these adult ice are...I've had the Rum, Vodka, and Whiskey peach...Definitely my favorite! it is a must try...This place is super clean and the customer service is outstanding! Worth the drive!!! A must try!


Jeanine L. Watkins

6 months ago

Super Icy Brothers denied me from having the Flavors I wanted. The Icy Brothers refused to accommodate me when I wanted a different flavor per scoop; He restricted me to 2 flavors although there are 4 scoops in a Medium cup size. I had two scoops of the same flavor when I wanted four different flavors. The Icy Brother offered to refund my payment since I did not like the policy. They also have a child behind the counter while they serve alcoholic refreshments Your response is not turning me into a happy customer: you have not resolved the problem. Your policy is unusual and stretching into being cruel to your customers. All other icy places give different flavors per scoop.


Alex Savarese

8 months ago

This is the best place for Italian ice period. They always show love every day I go in there.. to me and my son. The spiked Italian ice is amazing, as well as the regular. I don't know how they do it. I just left there and the staff was awesome like always. I'm excited for the rewards program that they are going to start soon. I'd give 10 stars out of 5 if I could!


Thats One Classy-Lady

4 months ago

Only 4 star because yall ran out of spoons.... how do you run out of spoons ans serve icy treats? Aside from that my daughter loves raising place and it is a great treat for after school or a great accomplishment

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