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Andrew Joyce

in the last week

Heard good things about this place so I figured I'd give it a try and I was not disappointed. The food was delicious and rice and beans were all you can eat, a pleasant surprise in itself. The food was a bit pricey but well worth it. My party all ordered some sort of steak dish and they actually cooked it right. Rare was rare, med-rare was med-rare, I don't know about more well done options because I'm not a savage ;p. The hostess said it would be about a 45min-1 hour wait and the wait was about 55 min. Which was plenty of time to walk over to Sycamore, have a beer, and walk back. I highly recommend this place.


Lee Bremer

in the last week

Will be 5 stars once hype and newness dies down. This place is on fire with patronage right now. Food is excellent, we had enchiladas and tacos, great flavor and everything cooked properly. Salsa was fresh and good choice between a mild and spicy. Margaritas were fresh not from mixes. Did not try frozen Server was excellent and the other servers /managers will assist & help out. Good teamwork taking care of tables when it was very busy The wait though is very long even at non peak times and the hosts need to do a better job at setting expectations. Went on a Sunday at 6pm, was told 30 minutes. Grabbed a drink and went outside. After 40 minutes went in and inquired, was told 10 more mins. After 15 more minutes I went back in and discussed that we were pushing 1 hour. They jumped on that and sat me. Im fine with waiting for the right places, but they need to be more in-tune with what actual wait times are. Will go back, overall loved it, but cant give 5 stars with the hosts being so far off.


Whitney Harnoelle

4 weeks ago

Went here last night for dinner about 7:05pm. They told us 10-15 minute wait, ended up waiting at least 30 minutes until we were seated. I don't normally post reviews but the management here needs to consider some things. As a previous server, I am careful not to judge too harshly but some things were unacceptable. 1) The water was absolutely disgusting, tasted straight out of a faucet. It didn't look like anyone in the restaurant was drinking it. We even mentioned it and she went to get water from a different machine and it tasted exactly the same. 2) Our main entree took about ONE HOUR to receive. 3) One girl at my table had a Diet coke, she drank it, and it remained totally empty the whole time, it was never refilled until we had to flag someone down 4) Our appetizer was put in with our meal even though we asked for it before the meal, and ended up cancelling it because it took so long. 5) We finally got our entree and several items were missing from our order, which we then asked for, and had to flag down multiple people for. 6) Management comped a dessert for us and EVEN THAT took about 10-15 minutes to come out. The service was not good whatsoever. I realize that the restaurant is new and busy but it was unacceptable. The management did not seem to care, as we flagged down them as well to let them know we weren't too happy. Thank goodness the food was delicious, or we would have left totally unhappy. By the way, we didn't end up leaving for about 2.5 hours later, that's how long everything took. Need to get some of these kinks worked out, Superica.


Chaz Hinkle

a month ago

Really a great new spot in Charlotte! This place is HUGE! Simply huge, which on a busy night can equal a lot of noise. Fantastic cocktail menu. I'd recommend the El Diablo with its bold gingery tang. The food menu is fairly typical Tex-Mex fare and what we got was delicious. This is one of those times when I wish I could give half stars. Three doesn't really seem to do it justice, but it's not quite a four. This place, because of the size, is VERY loud. Hard to have a conversation, and service is a tad slow, but it's new so maybe that's to be expected. But I would recommend this place for sure.


Brent Bates

a week ago

We have gone there several times, but the wait was always too long until this time. We had time to wait. Now I understand why. Everything was delicious from the cocktails to the queso dip to the salsa to the entrees. The server we had was excellent.

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