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Jolynn Vanderheiden

2 months ago

What a wonderful experience last night! I had frog for the first time and it was delicious! I definitely will be coming back to this establishment! We ordered several different dishes and they all came out quickly. And the flavors were amazing! The staff was very attentive and the establishment was very clean! If you want REAL ASIAN food this place is a must!


Seth Johnson

in the last week

The good: the food is delicious. Top notch, 5 star. The bad: the customer service is horrible. Good luck trying to order carry out from here, as its an absolute crapshoot of whether the restaurant will (a) cancel your order or (b) not have started preparing it by the time you arrive to pick it up (at the time they specify it will be ready). There is no option C. Ive tried to keep giving them a chance since the food is so good, but my last five orders have been two cancellations and three times where Ive waited 15-25 minutes in the restaurant for carry out despite arriving after the scheduled pick up time.


Tim Struve

3 months ago

We went here because my wife had a hankering for fried rice. I ordered the 3-spice chicken, very spicy. My expectations for Chinese restaurants in Charlotte are low this restaurant restored some of my faith. Great food, awesome dining experience. I cant comment on its authenticity since I dont know authentic Szechuan cuisine, but it certainly *seemed* authentic to me given simply how different it was from diluted Americanized Chinese restaurants menus. We will definitely be back. I am inspired to go out for Chinese food again.


Karley Dodge

a month ago

Had a horrible experience here. :/ It was empty, there was no music or sound so it was awkwardly silent. Not busy at all. Waited a while before anyone noticed us and seated us (by only pointing). the waitress barely spoke. we ordered three rolls and only got two. then because it was so quiet i could hear her blowing her nose twice and not wash her hands after.


Paul Cole

2 weeks ago

In my opinion, this is the one of the very best Szechuan restaurants in North Carolina. (There's an excellent choice in Gourmet China in Greensboro and So Hot, (hot pot) restaurant in Cary; alas Sichuan Taste in Cary is closed.) I spent several months in Chengdu a few years ago, and the food at Taste of SHU would fit right in with the Chengdu best. The menu selection is extensive, similar to what I remember in China. As for level of spiciness, my experience in Chengdu taught me that there is no "genuine" level; Some Chengdu restaurants serve food that your 2 year old would be happy to eat, others that might remove the enamel off your stove top. My regret is that it is a 2.5 hour drive from my home.

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