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Hot Cheeto

a week ago

Ordered a few desserts and two coffees. We were waiting for our coffees and realized I was missing a dessert. I thought the lady that took our order needed time to get it. Turns out, she completely forgot and couldnt get her attention. The cashier did not ask for here or to go. We were waiting for our coffees and realized they had them sitting there without even calling it out. The lavender latte I did not finish because it was too sweet. as for the bread cake in the bag, was not good either. the strawberry croissant was good though. The chocolate cloud was alright. This place has a different vibe. Definitely would check out other dessert places.


Kanes Laotrakul

a week ago

So excited when I heard from our Korean friend that this bakery is in town! We went in and the first impression is the decoration and interior design. Love the cake and their bread as well. One minus point is that the Matcha latte can be better. Not strong enough for my taste.


Heather Fish

a month ago

I tried this place for the first time the other day with my husband, and let me tell you they have some delicious pastries! We had this milky bread that was was so sweet and tasty- I totally recommend trying this place. Get there early if you want to try their fresh breads- they seem to go quickly.


Jennifer Kwak

3 weeks ago

The staff were nice and helpful. Oh my goodness the Mini taro cream bread was so good!! All of the cream breads were so tasty and melted in my mouth good;) The cakes were all so cute and they came with a plastic knife, some candles& a match. I used to live in South Korea for 10 years so finding Korean bakeries in the U.S. is always on my radar^^



2 weeks ago

The food is delicious and I always enjoy bringing friends here to enjoy the treats and atmosphere. However, the service is severely lacking. I had to ask for someone to help me get a cake behind the counter twice before they finally responded to me. I was told that what they had out was all that was available for the rest of the day. However, within 30 minutes of dining in, I saw that they put out more cakes. I understand if they were done baking for the day at 5 PM, but I don't appreciate being lied to. Please do better or train the staff better.

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