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K m

a month ago

I waited 25 minutes for an 8$ less than mediocre cup of melted iced coffee i tossed out from being undrinkable from a staff that seemed reluctantly resigned to serve me for a reason I am not sure of. In a congested overbuilt area with inadequate parking that experienced unrealistic expansion due to hipster runoff demand where the best here is the worst in most actually good neighborhoods. The wool is being pulled. Look at my reviews. I only leave great ones. This is the unicorn. I wont go back. My friends that met me wont go back. When relaying this to other plaza patrons I got the duh that place sucks speech and they dont go back. Anyway. Thanks for a bad morning and enjoy that $8.


Robyn Wirkerman

a month ago

Solid espresso and a small but quality selection of breakfast items. The yogurt granola bowl was one of the best I've had. They're is also convenient parking in the back. Definitely recommended.


Kaitlin W

4 months ago

First time going here and I thought this was one of the best coffee's I've had in the Charlotte area. Super smooth and delicious latte. Very cute interior with some high tops, couches, and standard tables. Electrical outlets available. In house restrooms. Cute outdoor deck with seating. Friendly staff. They also offer food items. Little parking lot next to the shop.


KBH Dronning

2 months ago

I dont mind paying a little more for my lattes since I know the extra change is going towards the amazing employees here!!! Such nice genuine people.


Bethany Barbee

3 weeks ago

I have been too many times as my last chance round. Undercurrent fails in consistency and order time. Each time Ive gone the drink tastes different and frankly not good for $7 plus. But, its not just that.. its the experience. Today, I waited for a regular latte for 20 min. I understand if it is busy but I did not wait in line to order and there appeared to be a few online orders. While waiting for 20 min I watched the four baristas chat, sample multiple drinks, and have no urgency. This drink was ordered to-go at 7:40 am when people have to get to work. #CentralCoffeeCo

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