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From shrimp and grits to seasonal greens, you’re guaranteed to find southern comfort here. This breakfast and lunch restaurant takes a simple dish and adds contemporary flair. Offering curbside pickup Friday - Sunday from 10am - 2pm.

Cuisine Type: American

Ambience: Casual Dining

Price: $$

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Tj Doane

7 months ago

I do like 7th street as it is a convenient place for lunch, but you will honestly pay a premium at some of the shops there. For the concept of having retail space on the ground floor of a parking deck next to the light rail is great sustainable land-use for activating the space... However, (and this can be said for a lot of places in Charlotte) the 5 pm closing times are a pain. Plus the fact they will randomly rent out the whole floor for a night randomly really throws me off from going there more. Still a great place to house some pretty cool shops.


Deidre Harmon

3 weeks ago

Neat little market! It is small so don't expect it to be a way to just waste time. I did recommend going though.


Jen Massabki

2 months ago

This place kind of missed the mark for me a bit. I like when food halls have some type of vibe to them. I felt the decor and furniture just werent too up to date and didnt give a fun vibe to the place.


dylan krell

a month ago

This place is located in a pretty good spot and has a small but vast array of shops. I went to "not just coffee" and the service was excellent and coffee was great! I'd say expect to spend 25-30min here


Ethan Gurwitch

3 months ago

This is my favorite place in all of Charlotte. I like to describe it as a little hipstery spot. They got a bunch of different food types. My two favorite are the crepes and the fruit bowls. In the back you can even find little venders stalls. If you have free time, I would 100% recommend going. Oh, they also sell really good honeys

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