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Dipesh Patel

3 weeks ago

Amazing front end and kitchen staff, very attentive and helpful. Quick to fulfill the orders! On the other hand I got my quota of salt for the month by whatever their head chef has designed. We got four tacos, chips & dip. It was salty! The crew that worked there replaced the dip (it was saltiest thing of them all). Their crew is amazing and very helpful. We were given a gift card for a free taco (see pic below). From the condition of the gift card, it seems like we are not the only ones who had a flavor problem. Would love to try this place again & its flavors, sans some salt.


Kimberly Disla-Castro

2 months ago

This restaurant is in a great location. The workers were very friendly and knew what to suggest. I wasn't a big fan of the tacos, but they delivered what they said they'd deliver. It was quite literally flavored chicken tenders wrapped in a tortilla. If you really like a classic taco like me this is probably not the greatest choice. But if you like to try new things then I suggest trying these tacos.


Alex Lusk

2 months ago

Great place. Interesting options. Two or three is enough to fill you up. Got my order wrong once and they were very nice about remedying it even though they were supposed to be closed by the time they finished the replacement. Note that it's a smaller version of their full restaurant and don't have the full Velvet Taco menu listed online.


Chelsea Miranda

2 months ago

Very disappointed. Ordered ahead assuming that it would make for a faster, easier pickup. Very wrong. Still had to stand in a long line with people all standing close and on top of each other to finally get my food that had clearly been sitting so long that everything just fell apart and was no longer hot or fresh. Extremely confused by there just not being a separate pickup line.


Sonny Nguyen

7 months ago

We had 5 different tacos and they were all delicious. The corn was very good as well. Service was fast and friendly. Its currently our favorite place inside of OH. Check them out!