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7 months ago

Kinda expensive and underwhelming, except for the buffalo chicken taco, which was amazing! The location in optimist hall seems to always have a long line, but if you order online for pickup, you get to skip the wait. I had the fish n chips, Kobe beef and buffalo chicken tacos...and it worked out to a little over $5 a piece. They were all already on time, but by the time I walked from the counter to a table, they were already only lukewarm...and it was 90 degrees outside where I was sitting! The Kobe beef was disappointing... literally a 1/3 patty with a vague smattering of toppings. The fish and chips had a good flavor, but it was barely warm. The buffalo chicken however, was quite good, and creamy/buffalo tangy which melded well together. All in all a pretty average experience...it's just too expensive for a little taco here. If you do have a complete craving for a taco and are here, definitely skip the Kobe beef, and get a few buffalo chicken tacos only.


Daniel Winkels

9 months ago

Overall, the dining space is fantastic! I love the rustic indoor market feel, as well as the view of the Charlotte skyline. We went at 6pm on a Saturday. All of the indoor tables were taken, but we found plenty of outdoor seating. Most of it wasnt in the cool shade, but we moved a table into the shade. As to the restaurant, the food had a really fresh taste. I had the burger version of the taco and Ill definitely try to re-make it at home with fresh tortillas. I highly recommend it! So why 4 stars? I asked how long the food would take and at 6:10 they said 10 minutes. Then, at 6:28, I received a text that said my food was ready. I went inside and discovered that my food still had 6 minutes left and someone had accidentally triggered the text. I didnt want to go back to my friend at the table outside, because I now had no way of learning when my food was done. They have a very informal method of serving food where they leave it at the counter for anyone who thinks it is theirs to grab. I figured if I left, someone else could take the food (accidentally or not) and I had already waited long enough. Price comparison: A single taco was $5-$6, so I had to get two to decently tide myself over. A good meal for me would have been 4 tacos or $20-$24. So how could they get 5 stars in my mind? 1. They could find a more secure method of serving food (I.e. the customer needs to show a receipt). 2. They could have a system where people dont get texts awhile before the food is done (if this is only once every 20 customers, they should get a ton of 5 stars and that average would offset my rating and bring it up to 4.95 or sounless they have other problems). 3. They could give accurate projections of how long food takes. I understand that burgers take awhile to cook. However, the server should have told me 25 minutes. Overall, it was a good experience and I would go again.



a year ago

Great service & delicious food! We were in Optimist Hall and had many choices. Glad we decided on Velvet Taco. I meant to do this review a while ago. Medical school makes life a bit hectic. I loved the winner winner chicken dinner. You wont find a common taco here. These are unique, tasty and a must try!


Rochella Cruz

a year ago

I happened to be in Charlotte and a friend of mine recommended Optimist Hall. We found this taco spot and I have never had a Chicken Tikka Taco but it was the best taco ever!!!!! ***Spicy and full of flavor! It even had basmati rice.... I wish they had this spot home here in NYC!! Sooo good. MUST TRY!!!!


Ben McGuire

6 months ago

So delicious! This was my first time trying Velvet and I wanted to get every thing on the menu. Im typically weary of artisan tacos, mostly because I find them overpriced, but these tacos were in a league of their own. The flavor pairings were exceptional. I absolutely loved the Nashville Hot. The chips and queso were fabulous and plentiful.

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